Dale Mouscos: A Dedicated Marketing Professional with a Distinct Vision

Dale Mouscos

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Observing the last few decades, robust leadership has been a key differentiating factor  between an effective team and a team struggling meeting their ultimate goals. Particularly in the healthcare industry, being a leader requires a unique set of skills such as self-confidence, integrity, assertiveness, clear vision, effective communication, flexibility, etc. These leadership skills are essential to driving quality healthcare management – which is critical to the ongoing strength of the healthcare industry.  

Today, numerous leaders are emerging in the healthcare sector. Apparently, the percentage of female representation in healthcare management roles has also increased significantly – which was considerably low in the past. Dale Mouscos (Marketing Manager at Hoya Vision Care Canada) is one such leader who is leveraging her avid marketing experience in the healthcare sector to help the company thrive. 

Our team had an intriguing conversation with Dale on her journey, current role, and her future plans. 

A Prolific Marketing Professional

Dale holds a diploma in Business Marketing from Sheridan College. After completing her education, she worked for 15 years in different marketing roles such as marketing coordinator, marketing assistant, marketing manager, etc. across various industries including Real Estate, Financial Services, Logistics, Promotional, Golf, etc.  

Dale joined Hoya in 2017. During her tenure at the company, she has led a talented marketing team to represent Hoya Vision Care Canada for what it truly is—a Leader in Technology and Ally of the Independent Practice. Making the most of her experience in the marketing sector, she has been instrumental in Hoya’s growth over the past four years. She brings enthusiasm, motivation, and positivity with her and is proud to represent one of the fastest-growing companies in the optical industry. 

What does Hoya Vision Care Offer?

Hoya Vision care has been a passionate and global leader in optical technology innovation for over 60 years. As a manufacturer of high quality, high performing eyeglass lenses, Hoya continues to drive optical technology innovation with the aim of finding the best vision solutions. Its revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing the technological boundaries for customers around the world. The company supplies eyeglasses in 52 countries with a network of over 18,000 employees and 45 laboratories around the globe. 

The lens design has advanced significantly over the years, however, Hoya’s dedication to quality and innovation has remained unchanged. The company works relentlessly to understand the individual needs of its customers. From the latest lens designs and the thinnest, most durable materials to award-winning anti-reflective coatings and advanced vision examination technologies, Hoya Vision has been investing heavily in research and development. This extensive research work has resulted in the world-renowned range of products providing total eye care. The products offered by the company are useful for Eye Care Professionals as well as Spectacle wearers. The products include —Single Vision Lenses, Progressive Lenses, Indoor Lenses, Special Lenses, Anti-Reflective Coatings, Light Reactive Lenses, Photochromic Lenses, Sunwear and Tinted Lenses, Lens Materials, etc. 

Steering the Ship

The role of a manager becomes critical especially in large service provider companies like Hoya Vision Care, as it is growing continually and exponentially. Dale very well understands the responsibilities and roles she has to perform at the company. At Hoya Vision Care Canada, she manages a team of passionate individuals who are focused and efficient at creating effective tools and collateral to support the business needs and objectives. 

I liaise with international counterparts to bring consistency with communication and branding to the Canadian marketplace,” says Dale. At the company, her primary roles consist of planning strategic initiatives and preparing communications, launching & supporting new products, evaluating & maintaining partnerships with industry professionals, planning events, and many elements in between. 

“Toughest times allow True Colors to Come to Light”

Dale believes that 2020 has given Hoya Vision Care an opportunity to show its valued customers the true meaning of the word partner. “It is through the toughest times that allow true colors to come to light, and we were happy to have the opportunity to do that,” she asserts. 

Being the leader in the optical industry, Hoya Vision Care Canada supported independent eye care professionals through education, training, and tools they could use to make the most of the downtime that most of the industry went through. In these critical times, Dale and her team were more dedicated to supporting the partners with improved efficiencies. Talking about remote work, Dale states, “Most of us are working from home now but are set up to maximize our output.”

Increasing Standards of Patient Care

Dale believes that incorporating a new standard of service in the optical industry for patients will be widespread and appreciated by patients. She adds that presently there is more care being taken with each and every individual to ensure the highest level of standards, and treatments offered to patients. “This, coupled with new ways of communicating with our partners, and they with their partners has increased and become more effective than ever before,” she adds. 

Hoya strives to continue offering innovative solutions to the eye care industry and lead with revolutionary technology. She further mentions that the new products are always developed with the customers’ best interest in mind while taking their feedback and wish lists into consideration. 

“Be at the Forefront to Lead”

Having successfully managed leadership positions across several industries in her dynamic career, Dale believes that taking educated risks, building a network, believing in the product, as well as self-belief are the key requisites to becoming a successful entrepreneur. She also hails that anticipating the challenges and preparing to overcome them in advance, alongside having a backup plan is also necessary to successfully run a company. She advises the young entrepreneurs to always be at the forefront to lead as things are always changing. 

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