Arash Hakhamian: A Maverick Reinventing Dentistry 

Arash Hakhamian

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The dynamics of dental care and treatment have transformed as the increasing use of technology has facilitated access to general health care. The year 2020, in particular, provided numerous opportunities for leaders in the healthcare industry to pivot and thrive. “Change is often difficult for established companies, but those who have stayed nimble and took risks have positioned themselves for success coming out of this pandemic which has transformed our lives and undoubtedly our profession,” says Arash Hakhamian (Founder and CEO at Dentulu Inc.) 

He feels honored to work in a profession that embodies the characteristics of empathy, tenacity, and excellence with a patient-centered approach that has brought the entire industry together to meet these challenges on a unified front. Arash is an experience healthcare professional exceling in leveraging technology in the healthcare industry. Having pursued Doctor of Surgery degree from USC and B.S. in Anthropology from the University of California, Arash is a renowned leader in the industry.

Third-generation Dentist

As a third-generation dentist, Arash was privileged to grow up exposed to various facets of Dentistry. Alongside owning multiple dental offices, he was the Official Dentist for the Special Olympics and worked with numerous volunteer organizations to provide care to developing countries. He was voted as one of the Top 40 Dentists under 40 in 2018 and one of the Top 100 Dentists in the World in 2019. Moreover, Arash was voted as one of the Top 40 Most Influential Leaders in Teledentistry in January 2020. 

Dentulu’s All-round Repertoire 

Incepted in 2018, Dentulu is on a mission to serve and empower both dental professionals and patients across the world with proprietary software. As a software company made by dentists for dental professionals, the company has consolidated all the different Teledentistry and mobile dentistry solutions on the market onto one single integrated platform which is free to all dental professionals globally. It primarily offers three services including, 

  • Teledentistry: The proprietary teledentistry service is integrated into the Dentulu app. This personalized concierge service gives patients the peace of mind knowing that they can reach one of Dentulu’s dentists for any urgent dental issues. Additionally, it allows patients to get direct, personal consultations with a dentist for any and all aspects of their treatment. 
  • 24/7 Emergency Dentist: Dentulu’s dentists can be accessed through the Dentulu app –which gives patients direct access to a trusted and licensed dental expert within minutes. Patients do not need to sit in an emergency room for hours as dentists are available 24/7. They are immediately scheduled for next day service at one of Dentulu’s nearby locations for any dental emergency service. 
  • Mobile Dentist: A professional and trusted team of dental experts can be scheduled with an easy-to-use app available on mobile phone. Patients can schedule Dentulu’s team to come at home, office, or remote location and are provided with dental procedures without the need to sit in traffic and wait in a crowded waiting room. With location and geo-tracking capabilities, patients will be able to monitor and track the entire process as the Dentulu team heads to their chosen location. 

Alongside these, the company also provides the most robust platform which includes e-prescriptions, patient education videos, and customized dental apps for individual offices and larger DSO companies. For its unique and consolidated platform, Dentulu was awarded the ‘best of class’ award as the Best Teledentistry solution by the American Association. 

Passion, Hard Work and Tenacity

As a digital company, Dentulu is the leader in teledentistry and video conferencing and has adopted more emphasis on remote work–which mirrors the same flows it has created for dental professionals. Arash mentions that Dentulu has developed a culture that promotes passionate, hardworking, and tenacious teammates that have thrived during the pandemic. Heaping praises on his teammates, Arash asserts, “I am personally thankful to all the amazing developers and teammates that have made tremendous sacrifices to continue the development of our software in spite of the unprecedented times.

“This sets us apart…”

As the CEO and visionary of Dentulu, Arash shapes its go-to market strategy and emphasizes on the company’s primary goal to keep dentists involved and active in its consumer facing goals. Unlike other companies that have exploited the pandemic, Dentulu has decided to provide teledentistry to all dental professionals for free on an ongoing basis to help its adoption and alleviate the challenges faced by dentists. “While there are paid features on the platform, Dentulu will leverage its technology and its thousands of users to develop a community and a marketplace that will help foster collaboration and sustain its growth,” he adds. 

A Flurry of Opportunities

Dentulu has opened investment opportunities to all dental professionals and industry partners who see incredible financial opportunities in Teledentistry solutions as well as want to expand access to cater the needs of millions of patients around the world. “We have been lucky to have years of development under our belts before the pandemic occurred and plan on continuing our goal towards the Uberization of dentistry,” adds Arash. 

Through this development, the company strives to achieve its ultimate goal of providing ongoing solutions to make dentistry more fun, affordable, and accessible to providers and patients alike. Arash anticipates that the next few years will usher in a global network of Dentulu users as more industry partners expand Dentulu’s reach. 

The Rebellious Mentality

Arash believes that showing up everyday despite the ups and downs and the rollercoaster of emotional and financial decisions that contribute in building a unique characteristic of any successful entrepreneur. He adds that focusing less on financial gain and more on creating a meaningful and positive impact that will leave a legacy behind –is the key driving force to unprecedented success. “There is no I in the team and any successful organization has to foster a positive culture and an army of believers who share the same vision and passion around the common goals of the company,” he concludes. 

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