The 10 Best IBM Solution Providers, 2018

The demands of the job market in the US and across the world are rapidly evolving. Today, industries are seeking highly skilled personnel to suffice their multidisciplinary requirements. Our century-old educational system, however, has hardly evolved over the years to keep up with the changing demands of the job market. After-school children’s education franchises such as CompuChild are seeking to align the skill-sets of ….
UDTECHS technology solutions
UDTECHS: Bridging The Gap Between Technology And Its Smooth Usage
Since the beginning of IT boom, IBM has always been ...
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Tangentia: Leader in Global Boutique IT Consulting and Outsourcing
IBM with its storied 100 year old history continues to ...
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Projetech EAM solutions
Projetech: Bringing EAM Solutions As A Service
Lately, heavy industries have become dependent on the service sector ...
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Praxis Solutions
Praxis Solutions: Delivering Scalable and Flexible Solutions to Meet Today’s Business Challenges
From the launch of Mainframe computers back in the 60s, ...
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Poslovna Inteligencija data management
Poslovna Inteligencija: Advancing Data Management With System Implementation Services
IBM solutions are being adopted by many industries to enhance ...
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Estuate smart enterprises
ESTUATE: Building Smart Enterprises with Next-Gen Technology Solutions
IBM has been leading the innovative and progressive technology space ...
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Comsense Data-Driven Marketing
Comsense: Creating Personalized Data-Driven Marketing with Technology
As a marketer, collecting data isn’t a problem, one gets ...
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Innovative Technological Solutions
Certsys: Offering Highest Quality Of Innovative Technological Solutions
Recognized as one of the largest legacy technology the companies, ...
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AppFusions: Contextual Integrated Digital Experiences
“Business must provide satisfying, responsive and differentiated experiences for customers, ...
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Into The Blue

underwater communication
Advanced Underwater Communication System Using Space Laser Technology
Earth’s two-third of the area is covered by water. With ...
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