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Since the beginning of IT boom, IBM has always been at the epicenter of innovation for solving business issues using its technological excellence. Because of IBM’s technological prowess and their thorough knowledge of the problems faced by businesses, enterprises choose IBM technologies over others. Today, IBM is considered as a leading enterprise solution provider because of its experience from various businesses, market knowledge, innovation capabilities; go to market strategies, and its ethics and code of conduct.

Keeping all these things in perspective, UDTECHS provides highly innovative and customized solutions for IBM services. The company is equipped with strategically developed, Tailor-made, flexible solutions, and a vision to ensure end-to-end customer delight. Moreover, UDTECHS has proven itself one of the 10 best IBM solution providers of 2018. This has been made possible because of the company’s mission to make a difference by catering best possible service, quality, selection and value to their customers and their commitment towards providing an enthralling IT infrastructure experience for SMBs and enterprises.

UDTECHS, Helping Clients Achieve Best Possible Results

UDTECHS, constituted in 2010 with a vision to bridge the gap between technology and its appropriate execution, started off with a goal of delivering innovative and customized solutions to the clients. The company is now developing scalable business strategies while providing best in class solutions for Data Center technologies including Network, Securities, Compute, Virtualization technologies, Storages, Backup solutions and Hyper Coverage solutions. UDTECHS is an independent integrator and not just an extension to the vendor. The company’s service focused approach helps them achieve best results, while strengthening their association with the vendors.

Leader Guiding The Company Towards Success

Hiren Mehta, CEO and Founder of UDTECHS have an experience of over 20 years in the service industry. He has an amazing persona, which helps him connect with clients no matter which tier they are from. Hiren has first-hand experience in connecting with clients and understanding the engineers’ problem at the time of implementation and operations, and also CEO’s/CFO’s challenge in running the business. This helps him provide his valuable guidance to sort out an issue faced by either client or his employees themselves in any sort of situation. These qualities of him make Hiren, a great leader who understands the problems at grass root level.

Serving the Clients with Finesse

UDTECHS is a multi-faceted company that has a potential to serve its clients with such finesse that they themselves do not want to go anywhere else. The company tries to understand the problems faced by clients and to estimate the amount of business, financial or work force impact that can arise due to it. The services provided by the company include–

  • Information Management

UDTECHS delivers comprehensive information management that makes data accessible, compliance achievable, and security a priority. UDTECHS design deploy and deliver tailor-made solutions and controls that address the entire information lifecycle including intelligent policy-based protection, accessibility and retention of organizational data to optimize recoverability, reduce the risks of loss and misuse.

  • Virtualization

UDTECHS with their experienced, skilled and certified professionals architect, design, plan, implement, and support a variety of Virtualization Solutions including Server, Storage and Network. The company helps their clients achieve the best of an automated datacenter built on the production-proven virtualization platform. Team UDTECHS goes beyond server consolidation and design, and deploy virtualization platform to automate entire IT infrastructure.

  • Application Delivery

UDTECHS helps the clients deliver their information to all types of devices. They also help the clients design, integrate and implement the right technology, which suits their infrastructure even in the most complex environments. The application delivery services include Application Strategy Assessment, Infrastructure Review, Disaster Recovery Strategy and Design, Installation, and Configuration of all Application Delivery Infrastructure Components.

  • Infrastructure Solution

UDTECHS has the skills and expertise to architect, design, plan, and implement any enterprise class servers and data centers that include server consolidation solutions. Their services in collaboration with leading hardware vendors include Workstations, Server Appliances, Enterprise Servers, Storage Products, and Network Appliances.

  • Networking & Security

UDTECHS offers the solutions and services for Networking Infrastructure Practice Area, which comprise Routing & WAN, Switching & LAN, Wireless Mobility, Firewall & VPN Infrastructure and much more.

Standing Tall In The Competition

UDTECHS has a tremendous advantage over the competitors because of the trust that has been built between them and clients. As time is of utmost importance, the company needs to act on critical data in real-time to make the clients’ business successful. Protecting this critical data and controlling its access is crucial for the company’s survival. UDTECHS helps the clients, deliver the data and applications to any user over any network.

UDTECHS follows the family-work culture allowing them to develop meaningful and close relationships with the clients providing them with the correct customized solutions, which are not OEM-specific. UDTECHS’ creative team of data scientists have collated an incredible knowledge base of resources as well as technology, and over the top experience to tackle most demanding and complex IT infrastructure challenges that businesses face today, placing them on the apex of the market.

Esteemed Clientele

UDTECHS is currently pursuing lot of Virtualizations, SAP and Flash based storage projects for their esteemed clientele including BFSI, Manufacturing and Retail industries ranging in Enterprise and SMB markets. The key differentiator that sets the company apart from the pool of other IT service providers in the markets their extreme commitment towards customer service and the drive to overcome any challenges in the most effective manner. Clad with strategically developed, Tailor-made, flexible solutions, the company’s dynamic team ensures end-to-end customer delight by providing handover training to the clients.

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