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Comsense Data-Driven Marketing

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As a marketer, collecting data isn’t a problem, one gets a plenty of data from the biggest source, internet. The data explain how the customers engage the brand, what they buy, and what device they are using when they buy it. With such data, customers are conveying exactly who they are and what they want. Companies want their marketers to provide personalised experiences that build long-term relationships with thousands and millions of customers at a time. Customers get attracted to the brand, which addresses their exact expectations. Moreover, one can craft a perfect customer experience using various customer data. However, this data is fragmented across systems all over the organizations and is nothing but a scattered noise.

Watson Campaign Automation helps organizations to take control of data and find the signal in the noise. Having the right data at the right time in the right contacts and giving customers consistent personalized customer engagement they want across every channel empowers companies to build brand loyalty.

Comsense Technologies is one of the best companies which utilize IBM Watson Marketing and predictive analytics, Machine learning in the best way it can possibly be. Comsense, an IBM Gold Business Partner, is supporting businesses to interact with each and every single customer at a personal level. Comsense has a unique proprietary cognitive omni-channel Customer Engagement platform, in which one can track and predict the next move of each customer to respond in real-time and target every customer with the highly engaging message at the right place and time.

Bringing Technology for Business with Remarkable Solutions

Comsense Technologies is revolutionizing marketing by working and integrating all the customer touch points off-line as well as online to get a single view of customers’ interactions with a service provider. Comsense’s most comprehensive marketing tools include Predictive Analytics, Campaign Automation, Customer Experience, and LeadSense.

Comsense has a SaaS-based marketing automation platform, Campaign Automation, an integrated platform with deep personalization, cognitive & omni-channel capabilities that automates customers’ interactions across Email, Social media, Push, SMS, or Website. With the focus on marketing, Campaign Automation packs the first of its kind visual customer journey analytics and design tools together. It enables the user to understand what inspires, disappoints or delights the customer by utilizing customer’s journey across these channels, leveraging relevant event and behavioral triggers. Consequently, it helps the marketers to design the best relevant experiences for customers.

Exclusive Benefits Tailored for Clients

Most of the customers today expect personalization. Studies show that there is a gap between what customers want and what they get in return. About 81% of marketers say that they have a holistic view of customers across segments, yet 78% of customers stated that the average brand doesn’t understand them as individuals, making this gap very real. However, the smart platform, Campaign Automation is bridging this gap by enabling users to capture customer behaviour data from a variety of sources within a centralized database, making highly personalized interactions according to the customer behaviours with best-in-breed technology solutions. Henceforth, Comsense is boosting customer engagement and conversation with personalized experiences and offers that connect with clients as per their location and weather conditions. With Watson’s utilization, Comsense is delivering lightning-fast insights to optimize campaigns, messages, and offers, which in turn, increases customer loyalty, and ultimately bestows the organization with growing revenues.

Co-Founder of Comsense and a Pathfinder for Marketers

The Co-Founder and CEO of Comsense Consulting, Sagar Babar works with marketers to show them how to use technology to increase traffic, lead quality, and revenue. He is passionate about marketing technology and its inter-relation to demand generation. Sagar commenced his graduate studies in 1997, and further earned a post-graduation degree, Masters in Computer Science from Pune University and MBA from SIEB University Germany. After the post-graduation, Sagar kick-started his professional life by joining the role of Sr. Software Engineer in a home finance company. With his dedication and hard work towards the work, Sagar entered IBM in 2005 and worked for 10 years in various positions. As of now, Sagar has a whopping experience in sales, marketing, and project management, including 15 years of service in North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, working closely in the fields of technology, customer service, B2B sales, and marketing. Sagar, an IBM Silverpop Certified Expert, also worked with the top financial institutions in Europe and North America in leveraging their technology investments. Likewise, Sagar was a part of a Business development team in the UK. With such a huge amount of experience, Sagar co-founded Comsense Technologies and he is employing the experience for his company to achieve the new heights of success.

Rising Above the Competitors with Leadsense Platform

Comsense with its vast experience, expert analytics, and marketing technology teams has developed its own proprietary platform, Leadsense, which made the organizations a step ahead of its competitors. Leadsense is AI driven end-to-end digital journey tracking platform which tracks the lead from the time it generates to the time it culminates into a deal with the facility to capture the tracking offline and online, and in turn, it helps to quickly act and address their concerns as per needs. Some of the key offerings of Leadsense include Track Marketing RoI in real time, Access Predictive Models for Lead Scoring, Identify quality leads for Marketing & Sales, Reduce Sales cycle, Demonstrate clear Marketing contribution to the business, Obtain real time actionable insights, Increase conversion rate, deal velocity and revenue.

Continued Growth with Ambitious Plans

While working in both B2B and B2C industries, Comsense Technologies is setting higher and higher goals worldwide. They have worked with India’s largest antivirus company in the B2B industry. Additionally, in B2C, Comsense has a global clientele ranging from apparel MNC companies, reputed banks to the most demanding healthcare diagnostics companies. Moreover, the company is spreading wings across the globe by adding new locations like Singapore and North America in their portfolios. With such a wide range of clientele, Comsense plans to expand the capabilities and enable marketing & sales with more predictive analytics while emphasizing on leveraging data science.

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