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IBM with its storied 100 year old history continues to be a company, brimming with innovation and technological advancements. Numerous Fortune 500 companies have been known to use IBM software as the core building blocks of their enterprise software. Today, IBM has taken all of its software to the Cloud and embedded robotic process automation, AI and Blockchain technology within them. The new IBM is ready and at the forefront to lead the enterprise software marketplace for the foreseeable future.

Tangentia Inc. is a Platinum Partner of IBM and the leader in Global Boutique technology solutions. The IBM solutions provider company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps while creating significant cost efficiencies and competitive advantage across an organization and its supply chain. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Tangentia with associates & ecosystem partners operate across the globe, with a strong presence in 5 continents and 30+ countries, using a ‘think global, act local’ solutions approach.

Tangentia’s provides industry leading solutions across multiple industries like Banking & Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Telecom, Healthcare and Government.

Origin of Tangentia

The novel term ‘Tangentia’ was coined from a geometrical point of view, where a tangent is a line perpendicular to the diameter of a circle and is also present on the outside of the circle. Here, Tangentia represents the space existing around the circle. Correlating Tangentia in a business context, in a bread baking company, bread making is their core business (what is within the circle) and their IT needs, be it EDI, business analytics or security is what Tangentia does for their business.

Knowing the Strategic Leader

Vijay Thomas is the Founder & CEO of Tangentia Inc, who has successfully directed the company for over 15 years, right from its inception. Vijay leads the strategic direction for Tangentia as well as manages its leadership team, overseeing the 6 different business units. He effortlessly handles diverse departments, right from managing the marketing messaging to architecting major projects and even troubleshooting. Vijay is a truly hands-on leader for Tangentia.

Array of Services Offered by Tangentia

Tangentia is made up of the following 6 business units.

  • Tangentia Automation: Most of the companies are using automation to take front- and back-office operations to the next level. With Tangentia Automation services through robotic process automation (RPA), clients can fully maximize their organizations’ potential.
  • Tangentia Digital: Known as the leader in the development and delivery of digital learning, Tangentia offers a wide variety of learning opportunities in online eCommerce, marketing automation, UI/ UX, mobile and web application development.
  • Tangentia Security: Since, cyber threats are increasing day by- day, security is becoming more important than ever. Tangentia Security group assists banks, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies with their products like Identity and Access Management (IAM), endpoint security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), making the corporation more secure.
  • Tangentia Cloud: Tangentia Cloud products offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Tangentia EDI: Medium and small sized organizations largely use EDI applications for the payment service with their trading partners. Utilizing Tangentia’s EDI, organizations can gain benefits like easy data deployment, appropriate time management, accurate scheduling, elevated work accuracy along with fewer penalties.
  • Tangentia Consulting: Tangentia Consulting group enables organizations to flexibly scale key areas of their business by managing the greatest asset; their employees.

History of Delivering Successful Projects

Tangentia has been able to build a client base of more than 1,000 customers over the last 15 years, including some pretty historic ones. Tangentia was involved in implementing a full e-commerce and supply chain integration solution for the province of Ontario, Canada for Beer and Wine retail via grocery stores. This mighty project was delivered by the team along with their astute mentor within a record 6 weeks. With Tangentia’s agile delivery model, business goals and milestones are met via a minimum viable product (MVP) model and multiple iterations.

Fulfilling Client Expectations

Tangentia has a proprietary project management system that ensures that projects are delivered to its customers on time and within budget. The Tangentia global project management office (PMO) is able to deliver small to medium sized projects via a global delivery model creating tremendous value to its customers. Tangentia brings to the table, global resources even for a specific project with the requisite technical skills, thus warranting that projects are staffed with the right people at the right time. Additionally, an appropriate mix of local onsite consultants manages the customer relationship, equipped with the local market knowledge.

Tangentia’s Mission 2020

Tangentia is competing with the large global consulting majors and system integrators, providing customized agile solutions with enterprise quality and security standards larger than its clients’ expectations. From a partner’s perspective, Tangentia is working hard to be among the Top 5 Preferred Partners for each of their partner companies in the global markets they operate in. Also, through the revolutionary work of employees, Tangentia’s team hopes to rank in the Top 10 preferred employers in the IT consulting business. The leading IBM solutions provider is also aiming to be among the Top 5 Preferred Boutique Solution Providers for IBM in USA, Canada and India.

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