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Lately, heavy industries have become dependent on the service sector for easy solutions for asset management and increasing efficiency. To ease the process, these industries use EAM. The EAM software is primarily used by such industry giants, which are heavily dependent on the complex and expensive physical assets, such as plants, heavy equipment, and vehicles. Key end-users include industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing, energy & utility, mining, and others. This software is primarily offered through on-premise or cloud-based deployment.

IBM as a Backbone

IBM has the required infrastructure for the asset management to a large extent. The big enterprises choose IBM for the opportunity to work with a world-class company with available resources and experience to support the needs of their enterprise-level organizations. IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions give a single point of control over all types of assets – production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communications – by managing them all on a common platform.

As the global standard in software for Enterprise Asset Management and maintenance, Maximo allows organizations to monitor, share and enforce best practices, inventory, resources, and personnel – resulting in decreased downtime, lower cost of operations, reduced risk and better planning and control. With IBM Maximo Asset Management, enterprises can optimize the performance of assets and maximize return on investment.

Projetech, an EAM Extraordinaire

Projetech is an ISO 27001 certified IBM Business Partner that provides IBM Enterprise Asset Management EAM (Maximo®) via the IBM Cloud. Projetech’s Managed Services cloud offerings include state-of-the-art secured industry and software expertise for an all-inclusive client experience. Our primary offering is called Maximo® as a Service, which may encompass other IBM or third party products.

Keeping up with the latest technology is extremely challenging for most businesses. Running Enterprise Software, such as IBM Maximo, on-premises requires specific expertise in specialties, such as database platforms, middleware, hardware, operating systems, security, performance management, disaster recovery, Maximo and other applications.

Projetech bundles its value-add solutions with IBM and Business Partner expertise, which ensures the end user client experience is the best it can possibly be. Projetech builds our clients’ solutions on the IBM Cloud, which provides a strong basis for our Maximo® as a Service technology solution.

An Accomplished Leader behind Projetech

Steve Richmond, Founder, and CEO of Projetech Inc. is a Tivoli Award Winning IBM Business Partner. Born in Los Angeles, California; raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and educated at the University of Cincinnati, he began his working career in the mechanical contracting business. Steve founded Projetech in 1990. He has led, driven and grown Projetech to success as the largest IBM Maximo as a Service provider in the world.

Steve is a published author and accomplished speaker. He maintains certification and affiliation with the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP), the Association of Facilities Engineers (AFE) and the Building Owners and Management Institute (BOMI).

Client Centric Services Provided By The Company

Projetech started out as a traditional reseller of IBM software and services before becoming an IBM partner. Its main revenue stream was generated from those services engagements with “on-premises” clients. The revenue from these services was not perpetual, nor dependable. Seeking a better solution for servicing its customer base, Projetech discovered a new method of delivery. Projetech offered one of the very first IBM Maximo Managed Service Provider solutions via a thin-client application and dial-up technology in 1996 to a local hospital.

Over the years, Projetech has leveraged its partnership with IBM to master the solution design and delivery in a cost-effective manner which has allowed them to focus their organization specifically on selling and delivering “as a Service” IBM solutions. Coupled with industry experts, their clients and resellers quickly realize ROI.

Projetech has invested heavily in annual software purchases from IBM and expect to continue the volume of investing due to the growing demand for their cloud solutions from Business Partners and Clients.

Another key component of its success over the past few years is the relationship developed with former competitors in this space. These organizations are now Business Partners of Projetech. They resell Projetech’s IBM based SaaS solutions bundled with their value adds.

Tackling the Competition

Projetech’s SaaS offerings have enabled them to expand into more markets than they could as a traditional on-premises systems integrator. Projetech quickly and affordably serves up IBM industry solutions by working with their Global Business Partners who have specific industry expertise. Projetech and one of its Business Partners recently signed a large SaaS deal for the Maximo for Aviation Industry Solution. The Aviation industry solution is one of the newest industry solutions developed by IBM.

Projetech’s clients benefit from managing their organization with IBM Applications without the downside and cost associated with managing them, on-premises. Their SaaS solutions are affordable and scalable which has enabled them to quickly grow their market share.

The Projetech Advantage

Asset and Facilities Management is a critical component for organizations no matter what industries they serve. Manufacturers need to focus on production, power generation and distribution companies need to focus on generating and serving up power, government agencies need to focus on serving its people, etc. These organizations need EAM solutions, but cannot be bogged down by managing them, on-premises. They need to be able to focus on their core business. Projetech’s solutions, built on IBM, allow them to do just that.

Projetech has many “Maximo® as a Service” clients who struggled with managing Maximo on-premises. One of the most common challenges they faced was “version lock”, oftentimes, due to the lack of proper resources and/or funding needed to perform the upgrades. Staying on the current product is key to performance as well as beneficial for gaining access to the latest enhancements and new features from IBM. Moving to our IBM Cloud solutions removed the barriers and enabled them to benefit from all the latest technology components of a comprehensive cloud solution. By migrating existing clients to the IBM Cloud Projetech SaaS solution stack, clients could accomplish their Asset and Facilities Management goals while saving money. This gave Projetech an upper hand over other competitors.

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