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Recognized as one of the largest legacy technology the companies, IBM recently celebrated its 100 anniversary in Brazil, showcasing its century old expertise on pioneering technologies that facilitate business processes and operations to organizations all over the globe. Moreover, the tech mogul is also known to invest in research for new technologies and have vocation for innovation, making it the ultimate choice of enterprises that are on a lookout for advanced IT solutions and services.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Certsys is a leading company with ten years of partnership for sales and integration of IBM systems and software. Named as one of the ‘World’s 100 Most Promising Companies’ in implementing IBM technology-based solutions, Certsys acts strongly in the digital transformation of companies, leading major changes through innovative technologies. The prominent IBM solutions provider company offers a designed portfolio to meet the needs of corporations in the areas of cognitive computing, digital transformation, IT service management, business process transformation, Analytics & Big Data, and information security to the Brazilian market. This comprehensive portfolio with an agile and innovative approach is conceptualized by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive project experience.

With numerous projects delivered, Certsys continues to expand and invest in innovation. Furthermore, the Brazilian tech leader believes beyond doubt that the cognitive era and digital transformation are the essential pillars for economic development. Therefore, its mission is to offer innovative and competitive technological solutions with a great focus on quality, customer satisfaction and on digital transformation through a range of well consolidated solutions, control and IT processes.

Distinguished and Influential Leader

Stiverson Palma is an experienced CEO and one of the Cofounders of Certsys with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and service industry. Stiverson holds a prestigious graduate degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business and University of São Paulo. He is highly skilled in IBM software, IT Service management, business process transformation, IT strategy, and project management.

Currently serving as the CEO, Stiverson is responsible for the definition of corporate strategy, maintenance of corporate culture, leadership of directors and senior managers, allocation of capital, outlining marketing strategy along with framing of new product lines. At the moment, he is working on defining the company strategy for the next 3 years, aiming at Certsys sales volume objectives, creating new business units, and internationalizing the company.

He is the vital spirit of Certsys, who is capable of motivating professionals of different levels and areas as well as driving the company with challenging goals. He also maintains a very close management on the day-to-day basis, which increases the level of empathy among the team of the company.

Agile Partnership Delivery

Since, Certsys has a total focus on its customer satisfaction services, its tech team makes use of their technologies to its complete potential.

  • Return: Certsys’s team is focused on delivery, thereby making sure that their customers can enjoy the technology as fast as possible.
  • Advance: The leading technology solutions provider company also streamlines the use of technologies and idealize customers’ business models.
  • Precision: Other than being a supplier, Certsys is also a trusted technology partner that embraces challenges and fulfils them.
  • Transformation: Digital Transformation is brought to reality with concise processes and tailored solutions.

Ensuring Strong Customer Service 

One of the strongest values of Certsys is that it makes the customer satisfied by guaranteeing high level of satisfaction through the best delivery of its services. The IBM solutions provider company bestows credit upon the constant investment that goes in the training and hiring of consultants who have expertise in projects of high complexity, hold IBM’s certification on existing core technologies and are capable of adopting best practices through agile methodologies such as SCRUM and KANBAN.

In the last two years, Certsys has served more than 80 clients from the public and private areas of the most diverse industries. Most of the projects present themselves as a trusted advisor, while helping the clients in their digital transformation, thereby acknowledging the best moment and suggesting a suitable solution. The choice of a case portfolio for work and solutions are the materials that enables Stiverson and his team to seek opportunities in different sectors, along with the ability to prepare the prospective clients to visualize the horizon of solutions of their businesses on routinely basis. Essentially, Certsys success is linked to a quality that offers cutting-edge, high resolution projects based on the best solutions that contributes to the digital transformation of various industries. 

Standing Apart from the Competitive Crowd

Certsys is distinguished from its competitors by having a highly qualified and certified team in the streaming IT market. The team of Certsys has several cases and references that positively position them in the market of IT consultancies. Another competitive advantage is the scope of its sales force, which operates nationally, in addition to the quality and level of complexity of its delivered projects.

Over the coming years, Certsys is planning to always bring in its DNA, the passion to transform its customers’ business model, through technology in an effective, visionary and qualified way. Moreover, Certsys is also considering on launching new headquarters in other cities of Brazil, Latam and Europe. Besides that, the huge investments in IBM technologies are boosting Certsys growth and advancement.

Stiverson’s Brief Message to the Prospective Customers

“Certsys can streamline the process of digital transformation of your company through the use of disruptive technologies in the near future. Our data is correct and safe, with full visibility of processes and integration, ensuring competitiveness, profits and cost savings.”

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