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IBM is an established organisation that has a proven track record to innovate and steer the direction in which technology is transforming the present and building the future. The leading multinational technology magnet assists companies to address challenges with solutions for unlocking the potential of data. By leveraging the transformative power of cognitive technology and Cloud, IBM delivers insights that can impact the key decision-making capabilities for companies in an effective way. These insights also help companies to re-engineer and automate business processes.

During its Partnerworld and Think conferences, IBM provides a unique opportunity to explore its complete solutions portfolio. These conferences also provide wonderful avenues to build customer network with approximately 40,000 attendees from the world’s biggest companies and most innovative start-ups. As a result, IBM brings colleagues together from all over the world, creating an opportunity to build synergies and partnerships that stretch beyond the usual operational borders.

Owing to this, companies should choose technologies provided by IBM to future proof themselves. With IBM’s global reach and effective partner program, its team pays attention to the market trends changes and is constantly leading the trends. This game changing attitude and passion to innovate has made IBM the leading solutions provider.

Located in Sandton, South Africa, Edgetec Systems (Pty) Ltd., is an innovative IT company whose mission is to take clients’ businesses to the next level by achieving increased efficiency through technology. In 1997, Edgetec Systems was formed by a close-knit team of IT specialists who wanted to offer innovative, solutions/orientated information technology services in combination with world-class customer service. Over the years, the goals of the founding members may have expanded in terms of scope, but they remain true to their core values.

Edgetec, is a Platinum business partner of IBM, holds a solid track record of working with the Big Blue for 22 years, enabling it to offer its clients a wide range of server architectures, configuration options, operating systems, databases and services to meet its client’s specific business needs. IBM is famously known to deliver superb performance and high availability technologies that can be deployed in private, public or Hybrid cloud environments. Edgetec also, focuses on the same parameters while designing and deploying enterprise solutions for its clients.

Transformational Leader behind Edgetec Systems

Born in Durban, Kwazulu Natal, Dan Naidoo (Cofounder and CEO of Edgetec Systems) spent his early years studying at the previously known University of Durban-Westville. During the initial phase of his career, Dan received an opportunity to work in Johannesburg, the economic hub of South Africa, which he grasped with both hands and began working for a company that seconded him to a project for computerising its business operations. Realising that IT was a great career, Dan enthusiastically applied for a vacancy at IBM – a career he started in 1985 and rapidly rose through the ranks to his final position of Country Technical Support Manager for the Power servers.

In 1997, when IBM’s route to market was changing, together with a group of his IBM colleagues, Dan decided to leave and start Edgetec Systems as an IBM Business Partner.

As the CEO of Edgetec Systems, Dan constantly provides support to his growing organization, by offering opportunities for increased responsibilities and continuous learning platform for his employees. Since the vision of the founding members is deeply ingrained in the company culture; Dan makes all the major decisions in accordance to its inception mission, ensuring that his team is constantly moving Edgetec Systems in the right direction.

In terms of financial management and planning, Dan responds promptly to the continually evolving landscape of the industry, making sure Edgetec Systems is at the cutting leading edge in terms of the respective clients’ preferred method of payment for its solution offerings.

Comprehensive Array of IT Solutions and Services

Edgetec Systems provides a range of tailor-made IT solutions and services to a variety of companies throughout South Africa.

  • Professional Services: These include infrastructure design & deployment, security vulnerability assessment and risk analysis, business continuity, capacity planning and hardware and software maintenance & management.
  • Rental and Hosting Services: These services cover data backup, hosting and disaster recovery and rental & financing (opex with full “optional” management and support).
  • Cloud Offerings: As the market demands a more usage-based consumption model for its IT infrastructure, Edgetec Systems has flexible offerings to best suit clients’ requirements. By using Edgetec Systems’ cloud offerings, clients’ can reduce operational challenges by adopting one of the cloud offerings such as private un-managed cloud, private managed cloud and/or managed hybrid cloud.
  • Managed Services: These managed service offerings assist by reducing operational costs and inefficiencies, whilst increasing productivity. Clients get access to Edgetec’s highly skilled support team who ensures that the clients’ systems operate optimally. When it comes to Managed Services, the platinum IBM partner is flexible and agile. As no two environments are the same; through its consultative approach, the team of Edgetec prepares tailor-made services to meet client requirements. The managed suite of services consists of onsite / offsite support, 24/7 service desk support, 24/7 monitoring and updates, managed security solutions as well as maintenance support.
  • Managed Cyber-Security Services: These comprehensive cybersecurity services give clients peace of mind knowing that critical areas are addressed Edgetec System’ proactive approach to cyber security comprises cyber security risk assessments, cyber security consulting services, framework and policies, assessment of existing cyber security controls, application testing, AD audit and website testing, pentesting, internal vulnerability scanning, malware analysis and remediation and professional implementation and monitoring services.

IBM Partnered System Integration Services

  • IBM FlashSystems: Data analysis is critical to today’s businesses. IBM has identified three key storage requirements to effectively support analytics workloads: compelling data economics, enterprise resilience and easy infrastructure integration. The IBM FlashSystem delivers advanced technologies in each of these areas, so client organisations can unleash the power of enterprise data solutions for critical business insights.
  • IBM Power Systems: Businesses are amassing a wealth of data. To obtain maximum value from this data, IBM Power Systems securely stores data, as well as rapidly extract actionable insights from it.

Bringing Experience, Expertise & Service Excellence

As an IBM Platinum partner Edgetec Systems believes in developing deep and lasting relationships with its clients, so that its team can offer tailored services and solutions based on genuine insights into their business needs. With a strong emphasis on collaboration among the employees of Edgetec Systems, clients requirements are met, by thoroughly understanding, assessing, researching and consulting to design a one-size-fit-for all of its solutions.

Dan and his team believe that relationships are built on solid values, such as trust and integrity. Edegetc are extremely proud to mention that the majority of their clients have been with them since inception in 1997.

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