SuperBottoms launches India’s 1st Sheet Detergent

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SuperBottoms launches eco-friendly detergent that aspires to fight against environmental issues with its unique Super Laundry Sheets.

Bengaluru, 10 November 2021: Every year, marine and water bodies pollution kills a million ecosystems, and conventional laundry detergents are a major contributor. Traditional detergents contain harsh chemicals and toxins that are damaging to both users and the environment. In that light, India’s no. 1 sustainable baby care brand, SuperBottoms, is looking forward to redefining the detergent industry with eco-friendly and highly efficient Super Laundry Sheets

According to a recent study conducted by CSIR – NEERI, 10% of the city’s 210 lakes are in excellent condition, while the remainder have poor water quality. The use of regular laundry detergents that include up to 75% phosphates, bleach, SLS/SLES, and optical brighteners, among other wastes dumped into these bodies of water, is one of the main reasons for water pollution. The high concentration of these salts promotes the growth of algae and other weeds, depriving the water of oxygen and resulting in the death of marine life such as fish, plants, and other aquatic animals. Marine life loses their external mucus layers, which protect them from bacteria and parasites, as a result of the chemicals in detergents. 

“Pollution of water bodies are a serious issue today, and it is one of the primary causes of global climate change. Our regular laundry routine, as well as our reliance on standard laundry detergent, exacerbates the situation. Both the flora and fauna will be severely harmed if the threat is not addressed quickly. A sustainable cleaning product is urgently needed to help stop our planet’s constant attacks. Super Laundry Sheets was created with this idea in mind, not only are our detergent sheets eco-friendly, but they also assure a superior cleaning experience. We promise you deep and spotless clean whether you opt for a machine wash or a hand wash. They’re simple to use, making the transition to sustainable washing easier than ever,” stated Pallavi Utagi, Founder, SuperBottoms.

Super Laundry Sheets are dissolvable paper-thin sheets that are made of safe cleaning agents including super concentrated detergent formula with more cleaning actives, less fillers and no toxic chemicals, to reduce water pollution. They don’t contain lathering ingredients, which means they use less water to rinse off and have a lower carbon footprint during transport. The sheets are packaged in ecofriendly cardboard boxes that are biodegradable.

SuperBottoms Super Laundry Sheets are available in packs of 10, 45, 90 sheets, at a price of INR 99/-, INR 420/-, INR 790/-, respectively and are also available with a subscription offer on

About SuperBottoms :

( Founded in 2016 by Pallavi Utagi, SuperBottoms is an online-first sustainable brand of reusable cloth diapers and baby products. Its vision is to spread awareness and increase adoption of reusable cloth diapers in India and cater to the daily needs of babies and toddlers. SuperBottoms is run by a core team of parents with over 90% of them being mothers. As a direct-to-consumer brand, it’s trusted by 2 lakh+ parents. SuperBottoms UNO, its flagship product is an organic reusable diaper with the capability to stay dry all night. Made with organic cotton, it is very gentle and safe on baby’s delicate skin. With a one-size-fit-all functionality, SuperBottoms UNO is also significantly more economical versus single-use disposable diapers. SuperBottoms recently launched a unique cloth diaper with a patent pending one-of-a-kind buttoning system that enables the same diaper to be used for babies up to the age of 3 years. The brand is a leader in the cloth diaper category in India and a bestseller on marketplaces like Amazon India. SuperBottoms has raised 2 million in Series A funding from Saama Capital & DSG Consumer Partners.

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