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FreeCast Unveils a Game-Changer in Streaming: Your All-in-One Entertainment App Has Arrived!

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Combine All Streaming Service Subscriptions into One Simple App, and Enjoy Over 700 FREE Channels with FreeCast

The promise of streaming services and the dream of cutting the cable connection seems to be faltering.  Americans are overloaded with streaming options; there are more apps and services than ever, shows and movies can move around or disappear entirely, and all of the major streaming services have been regularly raising prices.  The solution to all of this is the app, FreeCast, available for iOS and Android. 

FreeCast simplifies streaming for consumers, showing users all of their options from across multiple streaming platforms in a single search. Input the services you already subscribe to, and it can show you what you can watch for free and where, with no more guess work. The app’s advanced search function makes it easy to find movies and shows across all streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, MAX, and more, regardless of whether the user subscribes. When they find what they’re looking for, the FreeCast app will open the outside streaming platform’s player seamlessly.  Likewise, FreeCast’s MediaPay dashboard allows users to manage their subscriptions and consolidate their monthly video payments into a single itemized statement for convenience.  

A recent survey from has revealed what most people already know—54% of Americans think there are too many streaming services and 65% find it difficult to find and access the titles they want to watch.  Because of the fragmented billing, 34% don’t even know how much they’re paying for their viewing habits!  The survey also determined that 77% of Americans think combining streaming services into a single app would make life much easier.  FreeCast is that solution. 

FreeCast is designed to help consumers find all the content they want to watch and get access to it all at the lowest possible price.  In addition to finding on-demand video, the platform offers more than 700 FREE channels which can be watched through the app on all smart devices or cast via wifi to a user’s TV. The company will even send users a free antenna to view their local over-the-air TV stations for live news, sports, and weather.  

“Cable TV is becoming a legacy service, and with the fragmented streaming market right now, it’s too expensive and inconvenient for consumers to embrace,” said William Mobley, CEO of FreeCast.  “The FreeCast app fixes all this, making streaming easy and convenient, and with our vast collection of free ad-supported shows, movies, and channels, many viewers can even cut their TV expenses all the way down to zero.”

Join the streaming platform revolution and download FreeCast today at the App Store and Google Play.

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