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Questioning the Safety of the Public Cloud? Here’s A Survey for Your Queries

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Security becomes a greater concern when many organizations migrate the data, apps, and other viable information to the cloud. People using the cloud services trust most of or a part of the security protection of the cloud provider. People hope to work with the security providers so that they can ensure the data and the other assets to remain safe. A new report from BitGlass—a security firm has out forth that some of the security concerns with the cloud and offers advice to IT and security professionals.

What is the survey about?

BitGlass teamed up with a prominent cybersecurity firm for their “2020 Cloud Security Report” to conduct a survey of IT and security professionals about cloud security used in their organizations. This survey received a productive response from more than 350 professionals from all over the world but primarily from the US.

The survey stated that amongst all the respondents 33% admitted to the fact that they were tremendously concerned about the security in the public cloud, 40% were very concerned and 20% of the people were moderately concerned. Amid these responders, only 2% were least bothered with the security in the public cloud. 

Despite all the surveys and the findings, almost half of the surveyors said affirmatively that they believe these cloud-based apps and software are about as secure as those on-premises. Some 28% of people said that cloud-based content is more secure whereas 27% of people said otherwise. This contradiction thus showed that the professionals thought public cloud services are safer but it might face some challenges in order to use it securely.   

Data loss or leakage is considered to be at the top among all the concerns about security in the public cloud cited by 66% of those surveyed. Following that data privacy/confidentiality, cited by 63% of respondents this was then shadowed by accidental exposure of credentials, named by 43%. Legal and regulatory compliance, incident response, data sovereignty/residency, and the availability of services and data were also included in the survey. 

A most common worry among the security professionals is the inability to track and log events in the cloud and those surveyed were concerned about the lack of visibility into a host of online activities. However, the top concern was on cross-app anomalous activity which refers to a type of activity that wouldn’t be physically or logistically possible. Access to unmanaged apps, DLP policy violations, and external sharing are just some of the concerns related to visibility. A host of disparate tools and products, each of which must be controlled and configured separately is often required for maintaining and managing security.

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BitGlass to the rescue

To help people manage the security of the public cloud better, BitGlass recommends administrations to use multifaceted platforms that can supply complete security for all interactions between devices, apps, websites, on-premises resources, and infrastructure.  Platforms of these kinds are easy to manage to save time for administrators. To enhance performance, scalability, and uptime, and to eliminate the need for hardware appliances, It should be deployed in the public cloud. 

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