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Google Cloud takes an initiative towards a sustainable future

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Since 2017, Google has been working towards a sustainable future. The company has been able to power all of its global electricity consumption with energy from renewable energy sources. Wherein, electricity generated by wind and solar energy was purchased, but now Google wants to run all its operations on carbon-free energy by 2030.

Google has set a goal to match its energy consumption with carbon-free energy (CFE) for every hour, in every region by 2030. Google cloud platform is set to completely run on a carbon-free electricity supply in the coming years. The platform is set to operate on more and more carbon-free energy. Google cloud will be analyzing its progress by a figure they call, the Carbon-Free Energy Percentage (CFE%).

The CFE% is the average percentage of time an application running through a Google data center will run on carbon-free energy. 

Google advises organizations to pick a cloud region according to the CFE% 

It’s time to choose a cleaner way. Google cloud platform has taken an initiative to contribute to a sustainable future and has urged organizations to empower this concept together. 

  • Choosing a region with the highest CFE% will generate the lowest carbon emission, over time.
  • Pick the region with the highest CFE% available when running batch jobs.
  • To promote the idea of a sustainable future, organizations must create a policy to restrict their operations to a particular or a set of Google cloud regions.

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What do the numbers say?

Currently, the platform has released CFE data on its various cloud locations. According to the data, the best-performing cloud regions are; Sao Paulo, Brazil (87%), Finland (77%), and Oregon, USA (89%). The worst-performing regions include Singapore (3%) and Las Vegas, USA (13%). The performance data of several other locations are yet to be released, as Google does not have adequate data right now. 

The Google cloud platform is growing rapidly. Google is set to create 9 new cloud regions in the coming years.

What is the Google cloud platform?

Google Cloud

Google cloud platform or GCP is a cloud computing service that is essentially a chain of servers that fetch the information from the web at the user’s request. It runs on the same infrastructure offered by Google for its end-to-end products, like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, etc. Physically, the GCP can be considered as a large storage device that hosts data in the form of packets.

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