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Top 3 Healthcare Cloud Services to Fight against COVID-19

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Over the last few months, organizations have undergone several changes—the adoption of cloud services has been one of the major changes for the majority of the organization. Due to COVID-19, cloud adoption has been rapidly increased especially in the healthcare industry. According to the report published by Technavio, during 2020-2024 the global healthcare cloud computing market size is expected to grow by USD 25.54 billion.

The COVID-19 has imposed new norms such as lockdowns, social distancing, and remote working. As per the research firm Canalys, Companies worldwide spent a record $34.6 billion on cloud services in the second quarter, up roughly 11% from the previous quarter and 30% from the same period last year. Furthermore, the firm revealed Amazon’s AWS and Azure cloud unit led the spending game. These spendings were divided across cloud-based collaboration and remote working tools, e-commerce, remote learning, and content streaming.

Here are the top 3 Healthcare cloud services to fight against COVID-19.

  1. Amazon AWS

AWS is known for its highly scalable and reliable infrastructure capacity, technical support, and services amongst its customers. Amid COVID-19, AWS is addressing the needs and effects on communities and businesses by offering unique cloud services. Below are the 4 unique cloud services offered by AWS for research:

  1. COVID-19 HPC Consortium
  2. AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative
  3. CORD-19 Search

AWS & NVIDIA Genome Sequencing Analysis Solution for COVID-19

2. Microsoft Azure: WA HEALTH

In response to COVID-19, the employees at Azure Global and customer experience engineering teams across the company volunteered to prepare WA HEALTH. Microsoft’s Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring Solution, on which WA HEALTH was built, use Microsoft Power Apps Portal and Microsoft Power BI, which run on Azure, to allow healthcare workers to quickly update counts of COVID-19 cases and critical resources at the end of a shift or whenever is convenient through a web portal or by mobile phone.

  1. Google Cloud: Cloud Healthcare API

Recently, Google cloud announced to create a Cloud Healthcare API to aid healthcare fighter. It will improve data interoperability and will provide real-time access to health data to tackle COVID-19. Moreover, Google Cloud is working with Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps Platform, and other groups across Alphabet to help organizations in researches. Here are 6 solutions offered by Google Cloud to tackle COVID-19:

  1. Virtual care and Telehealth services
  2. Collaboration capabilities for remote work
  3. 24/7 conversational self-service support
  4. High-demand public health datasets
  5. Virtualization of essential services
  6. Google Cloud research credits



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