Portnox: Simplifying Network Security

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Today’s workforce is increasingly complex and difficult to secure. Factors such as the emergence of IoT, BYOD, telecommuters, and a dispersed global workforce are further complicating the process of securing every endpoint attempting to access the corporate network. Additionally, hackers are becoming adroit and desperate to gain access to information in new ways. Considering these two factors, network visibility and risk assessment have become more important than ever.

Portnox is a company that secures connected organizations’ corporate networks utilizing its next-generation network access control and management solutions. Portnox’s solutions manage every user, every device—including: Internet of Things (IoT), BYOD, mobile and managed devices—accessing the network, everywhere.

About the Company

Founded in 2007, Portnox provides its global customers with a complete view of device and network visibility, reducing security risks and improving network control. The company operates through its offices in the U.S. and Europe. The security provider offers two solutions—CORE for On-Premise NAC and CLEAR for cloud-based NAC—allowing companies to grow, optimize, and evolve their infrastructure while maintaining the upmost security and compliance.

Portnox CORE is the on-premise NAC solution, offering visibility and enforcement in real-time on all devices. Whereas, Portnox CLEAR is the cloud-based NAC solution, deployed as-a-service, offering complete on and off premise visibility, control and management.

Portnox CLEAR, a Security-as-a-Service Solution

Portnox CLEAR was built from the ground up in the cloud. This genuine Cloud NAC solution is one of its kind and a pioneer Security-as-a-Service Solution.

The solution simplifies the management of emerging cyber risks in enterprises. Together with its light-weight architecture, built from the ground up in the cloud, CLEAR has all of the benefits of a SaaS solution paired with robust access control and network visibility capabilities. CLEAR is made up of holistic risk and threat management tools, performing vulnerability assessments, automated patch controls and collecting threat intelligence feeds for all endpoints accessing the network – irrespective of their physical or logical location. Based on detailed risk assessments, CLEAR grants, denies or limits access to the network while providing full visibility into the state and behavior of network devices. Drawing on advances in machine learning, CLEAR is armed with a thorough analytical engine to detect emerging digital business risks, cyber breaches and network anomalies in real time.

A Leader with an Aim of Securing Organizations

Ofer Amitai, CEO and Co-founder of Portnox is responsible for the company’s aggressive growth and the day-to-day operations for setting the strategic direction at Portnox.

Amitai brings 20 years of network security experience to the company and made debute into the security space during his military service in an elite Israeli Air Force unit. He was responsible for establishing the military arm’s IT security team to manage and secure daily operations and intelligence efforts. Following completion of military service, Amitai took on a management role in the security division at Xpert Integrated Systems (acquired by ONE1), which offered security and continuity solutions in house and on third party platforms. Subsequently, Amitai served as the Microsoft Regional Director of Security, where he was responsible for evangelism and education on cybersecurity threats, and was the company’s lead in introducing new security technologies and products in the Israeli market. Amitai also founded an identity and risk management services company before moving on to co-found Portnox, a security vendor in the network access control (NAC) space with operations in the US, UK and EMEA.

Originally taking on the position of CTO at the company’s establishment in 2007, Amitai assumed the position of CEO in 2015 following the opening of the company’s first US offices. Amitai has led a series of lectures, and, as part of the CSSP organization, has educated students on safe and ethical online behavior. His motivation was always around securing organizations and developing new technologies to help achieve this.

Tip to Aspiring Security Prosfessionals

Aforementioned vast experience makes Amitai an admired security pundit in the industry. When asked about his advice to ambitious security professionals, he asserts – “For those hoping to work in the network security industry, my advice is to get involved hands-on way as early as possible. Educate yourself on the industry and take every opportunity you can, to become familiar with network infrastructure and coding. This experience will better prepare you for a job in cybersecurity, and set you apart from other candidates.”

Major Drivers of the Company’s Growth

Portnox’s solutions are most advanced solutions for securing networks and are embraced by numerous enterprises. Amitai attributes the success of the company to its ability to leverage newfangled technology and bring innovations into the offerings. “The ability to develop and package a NAC as-a-Service solution to address today’s growing digital business risks, and ahead of the competition, is a great achievement, as we’re offering a new approach to NAC that meets the needs of today’s complex enterprises,” Amitai shares. Additionally, Portnox has a strong team driving the development, product, marketing and sales that. are able to solve organizations’ security problems, in a simple way.

Presently, Portnox’s main focus is to expand its presence in the US market and help more organizations secure access of un-authorized devices to their networks, application and services. Portnox continues to build its technology and channel partner eco-system to reach more organizations across the US with its offering.



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