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It is critical to work closely with customers and partners and focus on execution to stay ahead and deliver the best cybersecurity solutions to customers. Boston-based Seceon, Inc., is making this possible. An affordable, comprehensive solution Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform detects and eliminates threats in real-time, while being suitable for organizations of any size or security expertise.

Seceon OTM platform empowers Managed Security Servcies Providers (MSSPs) and enterprises to detect, eliminate and contains all unknown and known threats in real-time. The platform ingests raw data (packets, logs, flows and identities etc.) and extracts features from data. It provides adaptive visibility of all the assets (applications, services, users and hosts) and proactively detects threats driven by dynamic threat models, machine learning and AI with actionable intelligence, and contains/eliminates the threats in real-time.

The Seceon OTM platform architecture allows the solution to be deployed on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments and starts protecting customer environment within minutes of deployment.


Chandra Pandey, Visionary of Seceon

Founder and CEO of Seceon, Chandra Pandey has been in the high-tech industry for two decades, delivering multiple disruptive platforms to help make information available to the masses instantly around the world. He has been part of the Internet revolution, which has driven digitalization of organizations.

“The cyber security industry was locked into defending the perimeter, but as digitalization accelerated, the perimeter became fluid as the demand for information available from anywhere in real-time expanded. This expectation requires a change in the way security solution were designed,” says Chandra.

As he spoke with major world organizations leading the digitalization of content and services, it become clear that they had not given much thought to comprehensive cybersecurity and were forced to use silo’ed products and overwhelmed humans to fight advanced machine-generated automated threats. This prompted Chandra to found Seceon on the premise of “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era”.

In order to build a platform that would ensure Cybersecurity Done RIGHT,” Chandra knew that he needed some of the best talent with passion and drive, so he assembled top developers in the field in machine leaning, AI, big data platform, networking, security modeling and user experience. A team of passionate people with a mission to do things right is critical for any organization and that’s what Seceon strives for. Its leadership team is focused everyday on developing all of its employees as leaders to be successful in the industry.

Uniqueness at the Core

Seceon’s platform is unique and capable of handling millions of inputs from logs and flows and correlates them together into actionable alerts that can be put into action automatically or with the simple human push of a button. Because of its ability to scale at speed, the platform can process data in real time in memory; updating and activating these models within minutes through advanced correlation with intelligent application of machine learning and AI with actionable intelligence.

Seceon’s competitors take a linear approach to ingesting and analyzing data, while Seceon’s in-memory, fast analytics processing enables a more global approach; ingesting and analyzing data in real-time while correlating with information about existing threats or zero-day exploits to deliver prioritized threat alerts to IT/security analysts or MSSP SOC staff.

Seceon’s uniqueness is reflected from its offerings:

  • It can detect traditional, as well as zero-day threats leveraging advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning, patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics
  • Its architecture can process billions of inputs and generate correlated outputs of all related threat behavior in seconds, improving threat detection while minimizing false positives, and reducing the number of threat activities to be analyzed.
  • It is fully automated, utilizing dynamic rule sets, meaning it will never need new rules to be added, to be tuned or monitored – analysis and reporting via text or email is conducted automatically.
  • It stops the threat. Dynamically writes rules to firewalls and switches to stop connectivity of compromised devices.  Disables compromised or malicious insider’s credentials, as well as isolate the device with exfiltrated data.

Getting Ready for Future Cybersecurity Challenges

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the complexity of systems multiplies. Cybersecurity platforms are increasingly challenged when it comes to attacks. Seceon’s platform runs in real-time and has the ability to view the entire system, and can be fit for enterprises of any size, allowing the solution to handle these challenges going forward.

Seceon will continue to innovate and expand its solution, investing in an approach that involves a combination of machine learning and SaaS model, to stay one step ahead of the challenges in the security industry’s future.

Security Advice by the Experts

For the next generation looking to enter the security industry, Chandra advises that security must never be an afterthought, especially as we embark on the journey to connected devices for safety and security of data and people. Those looking to enter the cybersecurity industry need to be prepared for scenarios of constant change and innovation, and to actually take part in the process of innovating, to stay ahead of  evolving threats. The best way to be successful in such a challenging and quickly changing field is to remain proactive in learning to stay few step ahead at all times to help meet that ultimate goal proactive theat detection and automated real-time elimination or containment of threats.


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