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The global IT security has been significantly growing over the last few years. Owing to increasing threats from hackers and escalating government initiatives, this growth is expected to swell in coming future. However, a lot of technical and competitive challenges such as global (encryption) regulations, state sponsored data spying and changing technologies will try to hinder the market growth. ‘Only the paranoid will survive’… as Andy Grove, CEO INTEL Corp stated some years ago.

With a restless and paranoid approach to combine maximum security with minimum user impact, certgate GmbH is securing the businesses of its client. The company works very intensively with its partners and clients spanning over various platforms, geographies or languages.

About the Company

certgate is one of the leading German based security solution providers, focused on mobile security products and solutions. The company has been founded in 2004, re-focused in 2016 and currently operates through its offices in Nuremberg (near Munich), Hannover and Dusseldorf. This top-notch security solutions provider is owned and supported by the largest private equity company in Germany and the management. The company’s clientele include global, large and medium enterprises as well as governmental or public authorities, like German Federal Ministries and the German parliament.

CEO of the Company

Jan C. Wendenburg is the CEO of  certgate and has been driving the company towards the pinnacle. Jan has been working within IT and security for many years and has founded and operated international companies with offices in Germany, Americas and Asia. Jan started his career at IBM, restructured an international IT distributor, and co-founded an international venture capital firm. Furthermore, Jan founded an international IT security company, which he sold to a larger swiss company during an IPO. The security expert has supported various Fintech start-ups and in 2016, he has been asked to expand certgate’s operations, to develop its solution portfolio and enhancing its vision. “I could not refuse this offer as I love building up companies, international structures and global technology. certgate is on a great track towards these goals,” Jan shares.

Deep expertise in the security domain and experience of building world-class enterprises make Jan a perfect tutor for aspiring security professionals. When asked about his guidance to young entrepreneurs, he asserts that the cyber security market is a hot, steady growing, but crowded market. As hype was rising, a lot of people and companies have rushed into cyber security. Only the one with a great team, with deep technical knowledge and a clear value proposition will survive. “My advice would be to check first your value proposition – if you are trying to invent the wheel twice, stay away. If you have sustainable technology, great team and clear USP – this market is definitely worth a try.”

Providing Solutions for Highest IT Security

certgate’s security offering is twofold and works hand in hand. First, certgate APPs are securing corporate mobile communication with regards to End2End encrypted voice, chat and email. These solutions protect data at flexible security levels, from software based to hardware protected 2-factor authentication and encryption. Secondly, the wireless smart card reader provided by certgate enables any organization to expand proven desktop 2-factor security into mobile platforms. The solutions integrate with global mobile device management solutions, such as MobileIron, Blackberry and others and improve enterprise mobile data protection on-travel and on-rest.

In addition to these solutions, clients prefer working with certgate as the team believes that IT security is a matter of trust, and they entrust this as a core fundament of all their client and partner relationships. Jan asserts, “We include our clients and partners into the product roadmap plan discussions to receive feedback on current products and future concepts. We believe that active communication and transparent support processes, helping to build and increase trust with our clients and partners. Most clients prefer using our products, even when presented in direct competition to others.”

Future of IT Security

Referring to the future of IT security, Jan shares that within IT security, there are a few major trends, which are important to watch: Everyone and everything goes mobile. Users request simple user interfaces. Consumerization the is key. IT security should have no user impact. IT attacks will increase dramatically. Artificial intelligence automation will put almost any software based security concept at high risk.

certgate is very well prepared to drive, follow and comply with these trends. While the first trends are short to medium term – the last one “artificial intelligence (AI)” will have the biggest impact. AI will be the most dangerous one with regards that hackers will use AI to find vulnerabilities and completely new ways to invade infrastructures and gather user keys and credentials.

certgate’s solutions combine high security with consumerization and include the option to use proven, certified secure elements. They are perfectly protected against new weapons and attacks—even from artificial intelligence—which will definitely arise in future.

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