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It was in 2013, SaltDNA was formed by a group of Queen’s University Belfast graduates and tech entrepreneurs with a shared history in enterprise security, telecoms, network optimization and mobile application development for companies based in Silicon Valley.

SaltDNA was an outcome of a realization that the market was packed with consumer based encryption communication technologies. The founders of SaltDNA recognized that none of these solutions fit well within an enterprise’s operating framework. Since then, the company is building secure enterprise mobile communications solutions for its customers.

SaltDNA’s product provides secure voice, messaging, conference calling and image/file transfer for busy professionals, who need to make important decisions while on the move − using the highest grade open-source encryption protocols.

Fully Enterprise-Managed Software Solution Offered by SaltDNA

SaltDNA provides a fully enterprise-managed software solution that enables absolute privacy in mobile communications. It is easy to deploy and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest of security standards. The SaltDNA Desktop and Mobile apps are intuitive and easy to install and use. The SaltDNA Communication Manager provides a console for tight management of users and can be configured for the management of regulatory compliance.

The company is planning to continue to grow every quarter and so has plans to take feedbacks from current clients and implementing new features based on this into its solution.

In recent years, SaltDNA’s clients have benefited greatly from the assurance that their communications are private, and also the voice is being heard with the release of customer driven features.

SaltDNA continues to remain ahead of the competition as well as taking a proactive approach around regulations ensures that it continues to grow as a business. By thinking security is not encryption alone, but instead − it is encryption alongside control, it has positioned itself as the leader within the industries.

Innovation First Approach

SaltDNA has ‘innovation first’ approach, and so do its CEO, Joe, whose career has been focused on enterprise communications, security and network optimization. Joe has experienced considerable success, bringing innovative new technologies to market, and helping customers adopt those technologies. Before SaltDNA, Joe was the director of product management for Silver Peak Systems and Blue Coat Systems, both in the network optimization space.

Joe had worked on secure communications technology at F5 Networks, Aepona (acquired by Intel) and Apion (acquired by His expertise in this field has been key to SaltDNA solidifying its position as a leader in secure mobile communications for the enterprise. Joe works closely with clients and partners to ensure that the SaltDNA solution is constantly meeting the needs of its users to secure their communications and business documentation.

Joe’s point of view is, with ransomware being a hugely publicized issue in 2017 many organizations are rushing to protect themselves against this threat. The Cybersecurity industry is growing and with that we will see the overall performance of the Enterprise Security Industry grow. The increased publicity into the importance and threats of cyber security attacks have elevated the importance of enterprise security within global organizations. Boards are now seeing the extent of the threat and are reacting to this. Enterprise Security is now being discussed widely at the C-Suite level and is being given the attention it deserves now.

Joe adds, “With this being said, there is still a long way to go within enterprises across all industries to fight against the threats of cyber security hacks. Effective solutions need to be put into place to protect the information of the enterprise and incident response plans need to be designed in the case of a cyber attack. The notion that ‘it won’t happen to me’ is being to decrease, but the rate at which cyber attacks are occurring within global enterprises is growing at a much quicker rate.”

He thinks that the key emerging issue that has become prevalent within the market is the issue around compliance with upcoming regulations such as GDPR. Many companies are having to rush to protect their internal documentation and processes. Compliance alongside security is becoming an emerging issue within the market.

With the emergence of data collection regulations such as MiFID II and GDPR, compliance alongside security has quickly become a necessity within enterprises. With an increased need for enterprises to remain compliant and secure, in many cases one of these essential principles is lost. With the new SaltDNA ‘Compliance’ management option, the company can provide companies with a securely archived version of all their mobile communications.With the importance of Cybersecurity only growing the ability for organizations to implement a compliant and encrypted communications system is crucial.

Joe’s Key to Enter the Cybersecurity Market

Joe advices that the cybersecurity market is continuously growing − but not always in a good way. Cybersecurity products have been developed over the last number of years because cybercrime is growing year by year. There will always be a space in the market for more cybersecurity companies wanting to protect the information of users.

Cybersecurity is starting to become more prevalent within organizations. From being a topic not mentioned at board level, cybersecurity is now a hot topic at C-Suite level. That will continue to be the case − so opportunity to expand into this industry will continue to be there if you have the correct drive and determination.


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