NanoTextile Launches Mainstream and Exclusive Benefits via New Program nanotextile+

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 2022NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NanoTextile), a textile technology service provider company has launched nanotextile+; a program developed to help current and new stakeholders in having access to extended benefits and insights, on the NanoTextile official website. One of the benefits included in nanotextile+ is the modified to suit program that offers curated rebates to each stakeholders and business partners. nanotextile+ is an integrator and brand-building avenue. Some call it a feature but NanoTextile calls it a vertical; developed using data and market research, solely to help their business partners with extended access to insights and benefits. With their in-house team comprised of product innovators, technology and business strategists, they are focused on building and crafting the best solutions you can trust.


“Gone are the days where you sign on memberships or loyalty programs, nanotextile+ is focused on providing long term business-enhancement solely for our business partners”, stated Dr. Thomas Ong, the chief executive officer of NanoTextile.

nanotextile+ comprises three elements and this is how it works:

nanotextile+ comprises three elements
  1. Experiential – receive experiential rewards that are specially formulated for each stakeholder from their data
  2. Partnership – obtain complete control of insightful rewards and enjoy low-risk strategic investment with a flexible activation
  3. Innovation – complementary insight into current developments and technology consultations into what is next in the market and R&D sectors

The elements in nanotextile+; personalization, tech for your growth and success-driven are created directly in line with NanoTextile’s vision. Considering high-risk losses in business investment, especially in today’s fashion and textile industries, NanoTextile sees the potential of nanotextile+ as an integrator that will help stakeholders conduct business at low risk and full potential. Therefore, the solutions and consultancy provided are different for each stakeholder based on statistics and modelling techniques in its formulated data analysis

Over the years, technology in clothing has increased in demand, not only in sportswear but also in everyday clothing brands. This growing acceptance has led NanoTextile to be able to collaborate with many local brands such as PONEY, Volvo Car Malaysia and many more. The collaborations have been a great success for NanoTextile and its mission of providing extra value and performance in clothing and they are ever excited to bring more onto the table hence, the nanotextile+ initiative.  NanoTextile also aims to make fashion and its process making more sustainable and environmentally friendly by using non-toxic materials in their nanotechnology embedment process. If you are in the fashion or textile industry, manufacturers or brand owners in retail, and trying to figure out how nanotextile+ can be beneficial to you, please head over to the NanoTextile official website ( or drop an official inquiry message about nanotextile+ through “Contact us” form on the website.  

About NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NanoTextile)

NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NanoTextile) was incorporated in 2015, as an investee company of NanoMalaysia Bhd and the first company in Malaysia to offer a wide span of nanotechnology in textile industry. NanoTextile aspires to be an acclaimed textile technology provider to deliver customer-based products that are value-added to keep its clients competitive through better quality and latest technology. NanoTextile has built its business around innovation and specialism with professional services that include end-to-end fabric supply solutions, facilitation of direct to market commercialization of value-added textile, up to functional garments and development of textile technologies with market entry assurance.

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