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Google Permits Users to Change ‘Ads’ Preference

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Google has recently announced that it will help in ruling out the ability for users to limit how many alcohol ads and gambling ads they’re shown. This is an extremely good feature for users who are sensitive enough to see alcohol use or gambling or are looking to avoid such content.

Earlier Google had allowed users to hide specific ads but this feature was applicable category-wise. Restrictions on the categories based on age and national laws were brought into effect and this change lets the users apply those limits to them.

The settings for gambling and alcohol have individual settings. Hence, if you are fine with either of the two you can allow one but not the other. It is noteworthy that this feature helps in the reduction of the gambling and alcohol ads visible and the user cannot complete the elimination of these.

How to enable the setting?

Just go to the Ad Settings page and turn off the push button.  Also, if the change has rolled out from your page, the buttons are more likely to be located at the bottom of the page.

Google has officially stated that “[t]his feature will roll out in Ad Settings gradually, beginning with YouTube Ads in the US, and we aim to introduce this for Google Ads and YouTube globally in early 2021.”

What all countries are parts of this?

The US is likely to enable this feature in the current year. In addition to this, the UK and the rest of the world are expecting this feature early next year. The company will make it easier to avoid these ads, also via Ad Settings.

This feature will not guarantee to filter out 100% of gambling and alcohol adverts but will help in the reduction of seeing these ads



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