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Amazon One Customers to Use Palm Scanners at Their Go Stores

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Amidst the global pandemic wherein people are wearing gloves, masks, and face shields, Amazon has come up with an innovative payment method. They have decided to launch a palm scanner for the payments in two of their physical retail stores in Seattle.  This scanner is a new biometric device that will let the customers pay with their palms at the Amazon Go stores.

The e-commerce giant announced on 29th September, that it is trailing its new Amazon One payment method by being contactless. The palm scanner connects your palm print to a credit card thus enabling you to pay by waving at the scanner.

What else can the palm scanner do?

It can open up the electronic entry gate at Amazon stores, which generally requires a code. They have intended the device to be used by the third-parties, including the office staff and stadiums. Besides, not only the Amazon retail stores but also other retail stores can make use of this scanner.

Registration of palm print takes not more than a minute! 

The customers have to visit the stores, enter their credit card details and contact number into a device, and feed their palm print into the biometric reader. Amazon said that this process takes less than a minute and the customers can feed the biometric reader both prints of their palms. Amazon One also put out that the scanner will use the palm of your hand to identify you with the help of surface-area details like the lines and ridges of your palms and veins to create a “palm signature”.  They decided to launch this scanner as the palm signature doesn’t really change with time.

Amazon also stated that the introduction of these palm scanners will not restrain the customers from using other ways to enter the stores. They can still use the Amazon Go app, Amazon app, or any other assistance if they want to pay in cash.

Your data will remain secure!

It is stated on the Amazon One website, “We take data security very seriously and protect sensitive data, such as your palm signature and payment information, at rest and in-transit in accordance with Amazon’s high-security standards.”   They further assured that the palm print and payment details will not be stored on the device, likewise, multiple layers of security will protect customers’ data.

If by any matter the customer decides to cancel or delete their Amazon One ID or if they failed to use the Amazon One device for about 2 years, the company would permanently erase all the data, they said.



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