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Google Restructure its Sales Strategy to Counter Competition

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The aim of the plan is to counter Microsoft and AWS

The turf war between Google and its major competitor in the cloud sector is heating up. Google is planning to counter Microsoft and AWS by restructuring its sales strategies, which will bring thousands of channel partners into its field sales organization.

The new organizational setup supports the channel managers of Google to contact market leadership in each region. This new technique will enhance the communication between partners and internal sales team.

Google said that they are always looking to optimize the channels to help the partner facilitate success for the clients. The current structure will allow the company to work much closer with regional partners and consumers. This will allow Goggle to customize sales strategies and cloud solutions for specific market needs.

The new system is an improvement upon the old pattern. In which the channel partners were dealt with separately from internal market mechanism. Thomas Kurian, The CEO of Google Cloud working tirelessly to introduce a sales strategy that is pro-enterprise. This will help the company to kick start growth and counter Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing.

This will bring coordination between channel partners

The idea came from inside the organization to take partner managers under the field sales leadership. The internal restructure by Google announced in past week. When will be the new structure will be operationalized not out yet? When the new indirect sales model will take over the channel org teams will decide the sales leader for the region, which includes North America, APAC and EMEA.

The change will create an ecosystem around the globe for better operational capabilities of channel partners. One of the partners said, “This will dramatically improve the counselling motion in the market and will greatly improve the overall customer experience.”

The new process will enable sales leaders to better take care of partners by allowing them to directly see profit and loss statements and have larger authority to bargain, restructure and discuss price margins and discounts with potential clients.



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