9 AWS Media Services To Improve Quality Of Video Broadcast

AWS Media Services

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AWS Media Services are created to help businesses including media and entertainment companies, government agencies and private players to make credible high-quality video workflow for broadcasting. AWS is offering each service separately, as a single element for end-to-end workflows. The media services enable video content creators to enhance their innovative ideas through rigorous market research that can improve audience reach and provide better engagement.

All this comes with the reduced cost of ownership and works on pay-as-you-go basis. The services from AWS allow clients to increase their video processing and storage capabilities. This makes the process a lot quicker and brings the viewership to the peak without further capital investment. These services have individual significance and the column will elaborate its importance in the media and entertainment industry.

  1. Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is a media transcoding service available in the cloud environment of AWS. It is immensely scalable, user-friendly and economical for the people who are involved in the business of entertainment and media. This service helps in converting media files from the source format to simpler versions that can be played in smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder brings transparency and automatically manages all aspects of media transcoding. It eliminates the need for specialized software, scale hardware and other infrastructure for transcoding, thereby developers don’t have to worry about the quality and delivery of the videos.

  1. Amazon Kinesis Video Stream

Amazon Kinesis Video Stream is a service that allows us to securely stream video from linked devices to AWS for analytics, machine learning, playback, and other processes. The service allows smooth streaming of videos from the browser or mobile app. It systematically scales and makes changes in the existing infrastructure to incorporate streaming video data in countless devices. Also, applications can be created without any fuss with real-time computer vision capabilities with the help of Amazon Rekognition.

  1. AWS Elemental MediaConnect

AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a top-notch transport service for live video. The satellite or fiber connection approach used by broadcasters and content teams is quite expensive. These channels require quite a bit of time to set up and at the same time, it is inflexible to adapt the changes. However, AWS Elemental MediaConnect provides reliable and secure service integrated with the satellite and fiber infrastructure. It is easily manageable with economical costs to broadcast live high-value videos.

  1. AWS Elemental MediaConvert

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service that has broadcast-grade functions. The service is pretty good in enabling video-on-demand content for transmission on multiscreen at scale. The integration of next-gen audio and video abilities with common web services brings out better quality transmission in the video broadcast.

This permits the content creators to concentrate on delivering compelling media experience and forget about the complexity of creating and operating infrastructure involved in video processing. AWS customized service allows clients to use several internet and professional media formats to produce quality videos that work seamlessly in any device.

  1. AWS Elemental MediaLive

AWS Elemental MediaLive makes deployment and management of all the resources needed to encode a video. It makes simple for channels to go live in a quick time. The service provides in-built reliability and resiliency that is transparent and manages resources automatically across different availability zones.

With the use of AWS, clients pay only for the period they were operating the system. It uses a straightforward model that is developed by devoting several hours in content processing and delivering services which created efficiency.

  1. AWS Elemental MediaPackage

AWS Elemental MediaPackage prepares and protects your video for delivery on the internet. The service uses a video input to make video streams designed to be used in linked TVs, mobile phones, PCs, tablets and consoles for gaming. Through Digital Right Management, it protects the exclusive content from theft and duplication. The major benefit of the service is that it can reach a wide range of connected devices. Advanced video experience and content protection, which is scalable and reliable come with AWS cloud services integration.

  1. AWS Elemental MediaStore

AWS Elemental MediaStore is a customized storage service offered by AWS and optimized for the media. It provides consistency in performance with low latency in delivering content related to live streaming. The service is created to deliver high-quality performance that meets the specific needs of media workloads. It scales the volume request received by the clients’ system automatically and adjusts according to the load to nullify any negative impact. The automatic ability to scale removes the unwanted expenses and difficulties involved in the video broadcast.

  1. AWS Elemental MediaTailor

AWS Elemental MediaTailor allows video content makers to inject aimed advertising into video streams without giving up the quality of service while broadcasting. The viewers watch videos with ads personalized as per their preference due to this unique service. It automates reporting based on both clients and server-sided delivery metrics. This can easily deliver aimed ads to any specified platform, improve the viewing experience of the audience and enhance the accuracy of the data that is collected to make ads.

  1. AWS Elemental Appliances & Software

The service is quite efficient in bringing the high tech video processing and delivers technologies into the data center, co-location space, and on-premises facilities. Enterprises can put it in a position to encode, package and deliver video assets in different platforms using cloud-based video software. This software assists video workload that remains on-facility to use camera and router interfaces. It is flexible, easy to incorporate and designed to work with AWS Media Services to give high-quality viewing experience without maximizing the present resources.


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