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April 3, 2019 – Cape Coral, FL – Eclipse® Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise-class forms, documents, labels, and customer communications management solutions, announced today the release of a new and improved Business Communications Center™ product.

BCC is a robust software solution that allows the design and delivery of transactional documents to provide custom marketing and messaging, while control is placed in the hands of the stakeholders within the business. This simple user-interface allows Marketing, HR, Sales and Legal departments to create campaigns, messaging, employee communications and managing legal T&Cs without burdening IT for ongoing projects. Departments company-wide can manage relevant communications because there is no scripting or modification to your line of business software required. Eclipse’s technology, Integration Without Modification®, allows Business Communications Center to work with any line of business application and current or legacy ERP, MRP, EMR and CRM systems.

The new and improved Business Communications Center™ allows all departments to create relevant, data-driven communications to targeted customers, employees, partners and vendors. Unlike typical customer communications software solutions, BCC makes it easy for all departments to communicate to their target audience using the documents, forms and labels they already generate. Let your employees or partners know about special events or company success.  Include specifically targeted ads and messaging placed in documents and forms based on individual customers’ buying history, industry, region, role or title and more. Mission-critical documents – order acknowledgments, packing slips, monthly statements and more can be transformed into upselling, cross-selling, focused information-packed tools at your fingertips. All this without changing the line of business software already in use.

Caption 1: Sample form showing before BCC and after BCC is used to dynamically control the ads and messaging in production.1. Fixed White Space, 2. Dynamic QR code, 3. Creative White Space, 4. Lost White Space. BCC gives users control of all white space, even creating space dynamically in tables, based on data value or phrase.

Exciting new and improved features:

-Assets such as images, rich text and dynamic 2D bar codes are only used once so you’ll never get a duplicate ad in the document

-Four levels of user security

-Viewer – can view only

-Editor – can create and edit definitions

-Administrator – can create users and departments

-BCC Master – can export and import logs and files

Users are associated with departments for an added level of security

-View the log file

-Supports changing the Template so users can use existing BCC Definitions on new or updated templates – so you can setup a definition and use it for multiple documents

-New user interface for remapping BCC Target and Key Fields when updates are made

-Import and export BCC definitions – makes it easy to share campaigns

-Search features in the image library

-New fresh user interface, updated look

With Eclipse’s scalable pricing, these features are affordable to SMBs as well as the Fortune 10. BCC provides controlled access to protect the integrity of the campaign document or form template. Form and document developers simply define “Target Areas” for inserting images, bar codes and rich text ads and messaging. From there, any department can manage the rest – creating, modifying, scheduling and delivery of high impact campaigns for dynamic forms, documents or labels.

Caption  2: With a simple user-interface that allows non-IT departments to interact and control campaigns relevant to your recipient’s needs, it’s easy to set up rules to control assets in your documents. As seen here in the Business Communications Center, you can have greater control than ever of your documents and make them work for you.

Click here to learn more and see a Demo video about the new and improved Business Communications Center from Eclipse Corporation.

About the Company

Eclipse Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise document design, presentation, generation, automation and customer communications management software. Eclipse works closely with clients to provide tailored solutions that conform to specific needs at a fair price. Eclipse’s principles are simple: provide the right solution and get the job done – on time. Our depth of knowledge and experience allows Eclipse to deliver on these principles every time. Eclipse’s enterprise software solutions DocOrigin and Business Communications Center have replaced more than 4,000 legacy forms software installations in the past 5 years.


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