Ethos Launches Shape Shift Simplex

New Ethos Update Launches with Shape Shift & Simplex in Universal Wallet

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Ethos has just released their highly-anticipated update to the Universal Wallet, release v1.6. This update significantly builds on the existing ability to store, send & receive over 140 coins/tokens, now enabling users to buy crypto with Simplex and conduct coin swaps with ShapeShift. In addition to these major feature integrations, UTK and two additional stable coins, GUSD & TUSD, are now supported by the Universal Wallet.

Buy Crypto Using Simplex Directly in Your Wallet

Through the integration of Simplex, users can easily and safely buy crypto directly in their self-custodied Universal Wallet. Simplex is a global fiat purchase service enabling bitcoin and altcoin purchases with credit and debit cards. This integration provides Ethos customers access to liquidity and exchange services between fiat and cryptocurrencies on an international scale, and every purchase deposits directly into their SmartWallet.

Please visit for more information about Simplex and any service restrictions.

Earlier this year, Ethos announced a multi-phased approach to building out Fiat Gateway services, with Simplex as the initial stage of that process. Future stages of the Fiat Gateway include integration with their most significant partnership to date, Voyager, to deliver zero-fee trading and utility for the ETHOS token within the Ethos and Voyager ecosystems.

Token Swaps with ShapeShift

While initially slated as two separate updates, Ethos also unveiled their integration with, a digital marketplace for Bitcoin and other blockchain tokens, in their 1.6 update. This new feature grants users of the Universal Wallet access to liquidity and the ability to securely exchange and swap dozens of tokens.

Want to exchange your Bitcoin for some Ethereum? Now, you can easily  do that with the click of a button, directly in the app and see your freshly swapped tokens right in your Wallet.

Support for Stable Coins – TUSD & GUSD Now Live!

In update 1.6, Ethos continues their expansion of asset support, specifically of stable coins. Users are now able to safely store, send and receive Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and True USD (TUSD). The addition of these assets, raises the number of stable coins available in the wallet to three – DAI, GUSD, TUSD.

Stable coins continue to revolutionize how users interact with crypto and the crypto marketplace, and Ethos has announced they will continue to explore support of these assets.

In addition to these tokens, Ethos has added UTRUST (UTK), a token that was shown to be widely supported in the Ethos community surveys.

Note: All new coin integrations will be active and available post-update release, and will be formally announced by the Ethos Team and Social Channels.

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Ethos is a leading cryptocurrency services provider that is building a bridge between the blockchain and existing financial institutions and systems. The Ethos Universal Wallet enables anybody to simply and securely store, track, send and receive their crypto assets for free. The Universal Wallet is decentralized, with consumers creating and owning their own private SmartKeys that secure personal digital vaults. The Universal Wallet is built on Bedrock, a foundation platform that abstracts and makes blockchains more accessible, secure and compliant for both people and financial institutions. Ethos has built a blockchain dream team of financial and technology executives. Ethos is headquartered in Singapore with a global presence and community. Learn more at



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