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4 Tips To Make Company Training Videos More Engaging

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Training provides employees with essential information for their growth and development. It can be conducted when hiring new staff to introduce the company and promote a safe working environment, or to supplement additional knowledge to amplify the level of your staff’s skill and mastery.

However, corporate training can be quite a drag, especially when you’re trying to keep everyone engaged. Of course, no one wants to sit and listen to boring lectures from someone who keeps on talking for hours. In this digital age, everyone is expecting an engaging video presentation that will keep their minds present throughout the training.

In that case, you may consider collaborating with a professional Video Production for corporate training events. They may assist in producing a modern, informative, and engaging presentation that actually pays off. Since that service falls under the corporate videography niche.

However, your part is crucial in this process. With that, here are some tips for creating video training that effectively garners everyone’s attention:

1. Present The Video In A Clear And Understandable Manner

It is difficult to grab and keep the attention of your listeners if the training is hard to understand. Remember, some people may not even know what you’re trying to explain. In that case, think about your manner and pace of giving information.

In addition, you need to chop up large pieces of information so they can absorb and process every single bit of it. You may begin by clearing up some important terms and phrases you use. It might take time, but it will help you eliminate any confusion and improve the quality of your presentation.

Effective training video gets the most out of every visual representation of details they showcase. If you’re presenting numerical and statistical information, you may use graphs and charts to help your viewers visualize what you’re explaining. Also, if you show them all using different formats, they’ll be able to understand and remember them easily.

On the other hand, abstract ideas can be manifested using animations to help people picture them in their minds. Also, audiences may only absorb a small portion of the details you present. However, repeating them using visuals may increase the information they can understand.

Another effective strategy is to incorporate reenactments or plays whenever there’s an opportunity. You may use a relatable scenario to make your presentation more concrete and realistic. This will help your audience apply what they have learned. If they couldn’t, then no learning has happened.

2. Be Natural As Much Possible

Company Training Video

The best training videos are relatable, with an inclusive human connection every person in the audience would feel. People may easily understand the gist of your presentation when they hear your voice and see your presence.

It’s good to let them know that you’re also human like them, capable of making errors, and not a perfect employee figure. If people find you relatable and approachable, they could be more attentive to your video.

In addition, training videos are important to show the culture within the company. Those who are fully absorbed in the company culture would understand your explanation. Newbies may not easily identify the culture, but they’ll be able to pick clues about it. But most importantly, people should not only understand what the culture is all about. They should become a part of it.

As a trainer, it is your role to be as natural as possible when presenting to exhibit the company culture nicely and positively. Make sure you inspire them with your video and get them into it.

3. Arouse Audience Emotions

Producing a training video is similar to creating a blockbuster film. Once it reaches the height of your audience’s emotions, it will most likely be remembered and appreciated. Of course, a successful training video doesn’t have to bring everyone to tears. It can tap into your audience’s happy emotions or make them feel inspired and enlightened during the session.

A great video should wake up the sleeping passion within your employees. This is the passion that would help them strive and work harder to benefit everyone in the company. It doesn’t matter what field they belong to—what’s most important is that it stirs up their pride in their work.

You may include in your video how passionate you are in every task you receive and the pride you pour out in every product you create. In this way, they’ll be more inspired and will get the desire to be better every single day.

Furthermore, you may include a short but awe-inspiring personal message to make it especially touching and engaging. People should feel like you’re directly talking with them. This will make your employees feel important to you and the company.

4. Keep Videos Straight To The Point

Similar to a great film, a training video should have a good introduction, a body filled with concepts to be explored, and a straightforward and logical conclusion. Following this flow will make it easy for you to keep your audience engaged and attentive.

The reason for this is most people are accustomed to this kind of format. It helps them expect what will happen next as they become nearer and attached to the video concept.

Moreover, suppose you want to present different concepts. In that case, it’s much better to produce multiple short videos representing each of them rather than combining them all in a long and saturated video.  This gives your audience the time to slowly digest every piece of information they absorb to understand them effectively and efficiently.

As you might have already known, long and continuous videos without breaking points are so boring than small and portioned visual content. Once they’re oversaturated with information, they’ll most likely be left out while your video presentation is still playing.

Final Words

As you know, long traditional training lectures are out of tune, plain, and boring. With that said, creating an engaging video for training purposes would be your best option. Video training is one of the most effective ways to keep your employees engaged and attentive during the entire training period.

To have a successful training video, you may consider following some proven tips discussed above. You would need to present it clearly and understandably, be as natural as possible, evoke your audience’s emotion, and keep it as brief and impactful as you can.

With these smart tips and tricks, training will never be boring again.

Author Bio

Arthur Jones is a professional trainer and consultant for many local and established firms. He has been in the industry for more than 10 years, sharing his expertise through seminars, blogs, and writing books. He spends his free time with his pets and his children.



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