AR-VR Creating Speculations Post-COVID

AR-VR Creating Speculations post-COVID

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In the last few months, the world observed several changes—the wake of COVID-19 unsettled industries on a global level. As the coronavirus continued to upsurge, the crisis gradually transformed its shape and impacted heavily. This forced the world to opt for alternative solutions to channelize the day to day activities. Also, the working style shifted towards online alternatives—the office meetings and outings were now conducted via video call and other mediums. The virtual transformation promoted advanced technologies such as AR-VR, with a great promise for the future of augmented reality, VR, and AR industries in the coming years. Currently, the companies have been constantly encouraged to utilized virtual experiences to provide comprehensive services/solutions/products to their customers. Observing the current global industry scenarios, there may be a boom in the demand for AR applications and the VR future seems bright as a matter of demand post-COVID.

Current State of VR and AR Market

AR and VR once had a reputation as best fitted only for video gaming and entertainment purposes. Following the AR and VR market, VR gaming headsets and PokemonGo were all over the media. Sporting events and concerts through VR were also on the horizon. These options are still in the market, but now the industry has begun to shift from an average consumer-entertainment looking towards the enterprise customer. The usage of VR and AR in enterprises is expanding continuously. Organizations can manage to purchase the required equipment and VR and AR can be utilized for progressive training.

VR and AR: An Online Education Tool

In the education sector, the future of augmented reality looks great as inventive educational and learning apps are making their way to the classroom. Thus, it provides the students with the comfort to utilize high-end technology thoroughly and efficiently. Likewise, medical colleges are using AR models to support and provide training to nurses and new surgeons. Medical procedures as varied as heart surgery to simple needle placement in the right direction can also be guided because of these advanced technologies.

The sector of healthcare is an impeccable case for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in education, training, and medical treatment. The isolation and mesmeric elements of VR technology work remarkably well in aspects of training and education. It is also known to reduce distractions and increase consciousness of the task. The future of augmented reality seems intense in all sorts of training scenarios. Parents are really concerned about children returning to schools and hence educators, parents, and lawmakers are trying their best to come up with a solution that includes virtual education, part-time classroom until the COVID pandemic is under control. People have started understanding the shortcomings of current virtual learning options. Therefore, VR could be a credible option for engaging kids in interactive learning sessions as it is troublesome to replicate the classroom learning experience through video conferencing and text chat. This by default helps to build positive behavior among the kids and encourages them to attend more classes. Although investing in VR equipment as an education medium at home could be an expensive option, however, it can be considered as the safest way to boost students learning and socialize more effectively.

Expansive Impact of VR future

The future of augmented reality in the enterprise could become remarkably beneficial in a wide range of contexts. VR is also being used for the training of players in professional sports without risking an injury during practice. Besides, there are several potential uses of VR and AR in professional industries. The significance of AR and VR is expansive that also helps in revamping the safety and efficiency in workplaces everywhere. Moreover, the impact of being realistic stays with the audience for a longer time period.

Taking into consideration the construction industry which is plagued by safety issues and inefficiencies could really take help and benefit from AR and VR applications. Virtual tours, enhanced training, spotting design issues, and using the right tools for planning and execution are some of the opportunities that help to reform construction with the AR-VR applications.

From movies sent directly to audiences enclosed at home, to theatre productions and Netflix parties administering the virtual social experience of watching a movie along with family and friends has been made simple. Also, there are AR and VR services that tend to host virtual concerts for audiences providing them with an unusual experience.

Even in the film production sector VR and AR is offering new ways to visualize complex sequences, save a little more money, and even promote the most needed social distancing. A lot of filmmakers have now started to use VR for virtual production. Earlier, consumers thought of VR and AR as something that will not be fully engaging or practical and its inaccessible price for people has kept them away from making the use of technology. With all the remote work and virtual schools that’s been going on during the ongoing COVID pandemic, probably, the future of augmented reality will soon see a boost in the demand and popularity and the number of apps for its use.

AR and VR connecting the world

For both audiences and creators, the AR and VR future is quickly turning out to have exclusive benefits, many of which are incredibly appropriate for this moment. As these diverse examples explain, in both big and small ways, AR and VR aim to expand our experiences and tries to regain an impression of normalcy and productivity. It also puts forth to the community how beneficial virtual technologies can be.

In a current moment that is defined by isolation and social distancing, these latest technologies give us an energizing connection with one another. Either through the impressive escapism of media, the key requirement of healthcare, the empowering energy of the classroom, these advancements strive to find innovative ways that help reconnect customers, co-workers, and industry innovators globally. If VR and AR professionals effectively leverage the current potential, it is possible to have long-lasting associations for these technologies.

VR and AR expected to thrive long

There will be certain things that will not be the same after this pandemic and will absolutely drive the adoption and application of VR and AR in the education and healthcare fields. It will also notably strengthen the awareness of the potential and efficiency of these new technologies. It will help individuals realize that it is easier to remotely interact and work together with clients, customers, patients, and friends despite being far away. These technologies are making sure that tasks can be completed even without working in an office or meeting in person. Given how these amazing virtual experiences are adding comfort, flexibility, and freedom into everyone’s life given under the current situation, engagement is expected to grow. It is also expected that AR and VR will see a boost once this tumult subsides

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