Coronavirus Vaccine: Pfizer-Biotech’s Hopeful Start to Fight against COVID-19 

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The Arrival and Departure of Coronavirus

The arrival of coronavirus has baffled the world to reinvent its approach towards all the healthcare facilities. It also raised numerous healthcare issues—the world went through strict lockdowns, the economy was heavily affected, millions and millions were impacted with the virus. Soon, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced coronavirus as a pandemic. 

The quest to fight with the novel coronavirus began with the joint efforts of scientists and private health care companies. In meanwhile, the frontline worker, doctors, and nurses who vigorously worked 24*7 saving the lives of millions of millions of people.  The continuous determination to fight gave the opportunity to the new normal. The new normal which included wearing marks, sanitation, and social distancing was adopted by the people all on a global level. 

Observing the effect of COVID-19, many countries such as the US, India, Brazil, and others are heavily impacted by the virus. Whereas countries like New Zealand and Australia celebrated the least number of cases allowing people to move more freely while taking precautions.   

Dr. Yves Duroseau: The First Doctor to receive coronavirus vaccine

A few days ago, The Food and Drug Administration granted emergency authorization Pfizer-BioTech drug. According to Northwell Health, Dr. Yves Duroseau is the first doctor and the second healthcare worker – in the US to receive a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The second dose of the vaccine is scheduled in three weeks for Duroseau, he encourages people to observe social distancing, mask-wearing, and washing hands. While going for the vaccination, Duroseau said that he is feeling very hopeful. 

Amid crisis, US healthcare workers have faced several challenges including a shortage of PPE kits and long tiring working hours. The vaccination is a sign of new hope as it rolls out, frontline healthcare workers and elderly nursing home residents are the first ones to receive the Pfizer-Biotech’s vaccination. The two-dose inoculation will cover healthcare workers across the US including California, Texas, and Florida. 



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