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Technology Stays Profitable Throughout the Pandemic

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Key Highlights 

  • Between 2019 and 2020, the average annual wage for IT workers in the United States climbed by 3.6% to $97,859 per year. 
  • During the pandemic, consumers have shifted significantly to internet channels. 
  • The AI market is expected to be worth $190 billion by 2025. 

Increased Adoption of Technology

According to a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, organizations have sped up the digitization of customer and supply-chain contacts, as well as internal activities, by three to four years. The proportion of digital or digitally enabled products in the portfolios has increased by seven years. Consumers have shifted considerably to internet channels during the pandemic, and businesses and sectors have responded to the same. The survey’s findings support the fast-growing trend of communicating with clients via digital platforms.  

The Demand for Tech-savvy Increased During the Pandemic

From digital transformation to a vigilant defense against cyber-attacks; After the pandemic, talented techies and their services have been in great demand. Dice has issued its most recent Tech Salary Report, which is based on a survey of 9,000 hired engineers from throughout the country. Despite the substantial changes brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional salary-growth concepts have stayed firmly in place, according to the report. This was proved by the fact that, despite budget cuts, the average U.S. IT worker wage increased 3.6 percent between 2019 and 2020, reaching $97,859 per year. 

Numbers are Growing for Techies

Charlotte, North Carolina, was one of those rising centers with a 13.8 percent increase in tech salaries between 2019 and 2020, Orlando, Florida, with 13.4 percent, New York City rounded out the top three, with an 11.6 percent increase in tech pay. Even though Silicon Valley only expanded by 2.6 percent, the region still has the highest average tech wage in the United States, at $126,801. New York City’s average pay has risen by 11.6 percent to $114,274, putting it in second place, while Boston’s average pay has risen to $111,069, putting it in third place. 

The Trending Tech in 2021

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has generated a lot of hype over the last decade. It remains one of the newest technology trends since its significant impact on how we live, work, and play are still in their infancy. AI is already well-known for its supremacy in picture and speech recognition, navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing apps, and a wide range of other applications. By 2025, the AI market will be worth $190 billion, with global spending on AI systems exceeding $57 billion in 2021
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): RPA is the use of software to automate business operations. Including application interpretation, transaction processing, data management, and even email response. RPA automates tasks that formerly required human intervention. 

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