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6 Ways to deal with office environment factors to boost productivity

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Productivity in Japan decreased to 96.70 Index Points in April from 114.70 Index Points in March of 2018. What happened to the productivity of the country with the longest working hours in the world? The above survey proves that productivity is not directly proportional to working hours.

Productivity is a troublesome mammoth to deal with, regardless of what job a person is doing. Stress, anxiety, targets with time limits etc. are continuously bombarding pressure on employee’s mental health, affecting the productivity at the job. Somehow, one can manage to reduce these beasts, but another thing, which tries to enhance the power of the above difficulties in today’s organizations, is environmental conditions around the employee.

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”- Brian Krstofek, President, and CEO, Upshot.

The condition that an employee works in, can influence the inclination of mood and the productivity. On the off chance that the employee has a feeling that, he is not completing as much as he ought to be during the working day, he doesn’t need to bounce pointing the finger at him, because surrounding is performing a big role in his unproductivity. Investigating the workplace and exploring a couple of changes in the office, could make an employee more comfortable and productive.

Associations and employees can improve their productivity by doing some tweaks to the office environment. Here are a few proposals.

1. Temperature Control: 

Temperature Control office

Studies have shown that maintaining the ideal room temperature of 22 degrees Celsius is crucial for ensuring comfortable working conditions for employees. This temperature range, preferably between 19 and 22 degrees Celsius, is essential for averting discomfort caused by extreme temperatures. However, achieving and sustaining this optimal temperature requires a reliable commercial air conditioning installation.

When the thermometer climbs above 25 degrees Celsius, employee discomfort becomes more pronounced, leading to a noticeable reduction in efficiency. Conversely, temperatures lower than the ideal range can also impede productivity. Therefore, investing in a quality commercial air conditioning installation ensures that your workspace remains within the desired temperature parameters, promoting a conducive environment for work.

Moreover, by setting the thermostat regulator to maintain temperatures between 19 and 22 degrees Celsius consistently throughout the day and night, you not only enhance employee comfort but also optimize energy consumption, resulting in potential savings on your electricity bill. A properly installed and well-maintained commercial air conditioning system plays a pivotal role in achieving these benefits, making it a wise investment for any business.

2. Lighting:

office Lighting

Nature is the best remedy over refreshing your mood and makes you feel fresh as a horse. Natural light from the sun is an immense lift for workers who like daylight to fight off emotional well-being issues, such as dullness and depression.  The brightness of the PC, we are working on can retire our eyes in no time, if it’s put on high intensity. One can adjust the screen brightness on the computer screen to reduce the blue light of the screen coming to his eyes or screen protectors are beneficial to immediately minimize the blue light rays at its source. Employees, set beside a window, through which light sparkles, tend to work all the more beneficially and stay away from psychological wellness issues that repress their mystic vitality, but individuals with migraines can use artificial lights of low intensity to avoid the issue of migraine.

3. Décor:


Most office representatives spend more than 40 hours every week in their working environment. If the office décor is dull and too old, it can easily turn the mood off. So a décor with the new style, charming and routinely refreshed can highly improve the mood. The color shades ought to include a bolder, brighter shading, for example, blue or green as these are known to boost efficiency. It is advisable, not to utilize one color shading throughout the whole office, as it can darken the room. Matte paint is additionally a best decision to dodge the glare, that can be caused by paints that leave a shinier glair. Additionally, personal things like photos and mugs in cabin can bring a feeling of solace and motivation and enables to feel like its employee’s own place. On the other hand, it’s an incredible plan to include creative artwork on the office walls.

4. Noise reduction:

office environment

Outright quietness is like an energy drink for most of the individuals; others feel insane in a quiet place. Finding what works best can help to increase the productivity. In case if someone requires calm, however, the office tends to clamor, connecting earphones with classical music or other mitigating tunes playing can help a lot to enable you to unwind. If one has an office with a door, consider closing it. These repetitive sounds can be surprisingly powerful in boosting efficiency. For persons who like individuals around, but are alone, can turn on the radio to listen coffeehouse chatter or can download it on the internet.

5. Improvement in seating:

office environment

Spending time 8 to 9 hours a day in the office chair is not easy for a human body. A decent seat as per the choice and comfort can make it less demanding to complete work, while an old, awkward seat would make the work worst. Bad seat can cause back torment and other health issues. A high-quality ergonomic seat supports the back and neck, allows maintaining a correct posture and enables to work without diversion. Better seating arrangement not only improves the work but also enables one to stay healthy.

6. Detachment:

office environment

Workplaces are ending up progressively more open, with an end goal to expand collaboration among employees. It typically works; however, it can also smother productivity, in cases the work requires very high concentration. Open idea workplaces have an uncommon level of cooperation and diversion, which undermines profound thought work. Individuals with deep thinking work need supportive systems and calmness around them to have better thinking and productivity. Trying different things, different elements can help drastically to enable employees to unwind and center while they work.

Increasing productivity is in employees own hands, which involves evaluating the surrounding conditions and making it more helpful in our work process. With such an easy to understand and effective tools, one can have a better life at their workplace. Above mentioned tweaks look minor but they can highly improve employees’ daily lifestyle at the workplace by altering their moods. As a result, organizations get more output from employees.

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