Poly tasking A new era of professional culture

Poly tasking: A new era of professional culture

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Every coin has two sides. It depends on a person how he/she perceive a situation, positively or negatively. This applies to the phenomenon of poly tasking too. Maximum number of people have a pessimistic opinion about multitasking, whereas very few people view it as the need of an hour. In the day and age of digital technology, it is absolutely impossible to work mono chronically by focusing on one task alone. We have trained our mind unknowingly, in such a way that it can operate on many tasks at the same time. The reason for such adaptations is the cut-throat competitive race and a thirst for success.

Every career driven individual has accepted the idea of multitasking, where one has to complete plenty of assignments and duties in a limited time span. Moreover, just finishing a task within time is not sufficient. What defines and differentiates a particular individual from the crowd, is about his/her dedication, extraordinary flair and sincerity towards the job. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to balance and succeed in multitasking.

An individual should have extreme levels of focus and map of priorities before diving into multitasking. The idea of working at many commitments at one time is not as bad as people predict. It has many advantages as well. The key is to visualize every notion with a positive and sunny attitude.

Following are some rationals which prove to be advantageous to our careers and personal life.

  1. Sporty & energetic outlook towards life

Our brain needs a constant spurt of energy and activity so that it can function at its best. While working on a mono chronic chore, a person can easily get sidetracked. However, when an individual is poly tasking, his/her mind is focused on the duties at hand in order to avoid any mistakes. His/her mind is completely distraction free and constantly active to achieve perfection in all the tasks at one time.

Hence, the mind remains energetic throughout the working hours without any added pressure or burden. The more one trains his/her mind to stay focused and mobile, it automatically tutors itself to become the same.

  1. Persona

Characteristics of a person defines his/her overall development. If one has the power to work on multiple chores, then irrespective of gender, they can achieve their dreams and targets. A positive and healthy attitude makes a tremendous difference towards attaining success.

  1. Healthy dose of stimulation for the mind

Why does a person go out of his/her way to work hard and fast? The answer is a sense of  achievement and progress to accomplish targets in a stipulated period. These are key motivation factors, that an individual wishes to reach. Multitasking can make a person achieve his/her goals in a better and shorter period of time.

When one is new at multitasking, mistakes are bound to happen. Nonetheless, the more you dedicate your time, energy and focus, the faster it is trained. What one needs is plenty of patience and positive mindset to accept failures and cherish the victories.

  1. Age of speed & change

It has become mandatory in the technology driven world to accept changes and move parallel with time. This kind of flexibility in career and personal life makes one compatible and a favorite among the crowd. Working on multiple activities and involving oneself completely helps in achieving your targets in time.

In case of entrepreneurs, they need to be in sync with the current trends of their field. Hence, it becomes impossible to work on only one task at a time and still reach the target. In this case, poly tasking becomes a necessity.

In today’s modern times, there has been an earth shattering revolution in the concept and style of work. A profession or occupation is no longer restricted to 9 to 5 working hours. Everyday people are coming up with better, bolder and brighter ideas to do something unique. Passion to follow one’s heart is driving the people to leave their secure employment and follow their dreams through new start-up companies.

This is a prime example of multitasking where the founders have to manage innumerable tasks on their own. Right from financing, establishment of the firm, communicating with the clients, recruitment of employees, marketing the business and working on target goals of the companies defines their job profile. These start-up leaders, therefore, learn to rapidly multitask in order to build their company.

Attaining the top position in a competitive world becomes possible if one uses time and focus at the right time. Therefore, choosing what is right for you and your development is important irrespective of people’s perception and opinions. Follow your heart, work more and dream big.

 -Mrs. Anuja Mulmule (Content Writer)



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