Vtrus launches autonomous drone for indoor industrial inspections

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Packed with computer vision technology, ABI Zero is the new compact drone developed by Seattle-based Vtrus Inc., which safely navigate through the indoor industrial environments.

Vtrus Inc. develops IoT devices that can socially collaborate, perceive and learn like humans using cloud-based spatial AI. At present, Vtrus has developed a drone prototype, which is an autonomous robotic inspector that can extract information out of the surroundings.

These new autonomous drones use Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) technology, and are equipped with a set of sensors, 360-degree cameras and a structured light depth sensor with the ability to take 300,000 depth points in 30 times per second, and produces a detailed map of its surroundings. The collected data is streamed over Wi-Fi in real time to the base station and cloud service of Vtrus. Furthermore, the cloud data can be accessed by the operators and inspectors.

ABI Zero for dangerous and tedious inspection

The major advantage of ABI Zero drones is that they can inspect the hazardous areas in a faculty, such as the electric wiring, lighting, and other heat-sensitive zones. The drone has a high speed, contact-based, and patented fast charging technology. Founders of the company, Lenoff, Moreno, and Carlos Sanchez explained that their customized software is the key player in the drone operation. The software is framed to handle high-resolution 3D mapping in real time as well as the ways to record and stream it and will automatically generate a complimentary 3D map scan with geo-tagged photos, videos, and thermography to improve the post-inspection analysis.

Currently, the development of drones is self-funded, and Vtrus Inc. is seeking investment to mass produce the drones. The Vtrus team has been traveling the country and visiting different facilities to show how the system works, and collecting feedback and requests from industries.



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