Ramp Joins the Kaltura Partner Network to Secure Multicasting of Enterprise Video

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Ramp, a leading provider of enterprise video solutions, announced that it is has joined the Kaltura Partner Network to provide organizations secure, high-quality delivery for large-scale video communications inside the enterprise. With the integration, Kaltura’s enterprise video platform distributes video securely over Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network to support an unlimited number of viewers without bandwidth constraints impacting the corporate network.

To offer customers scalable and secure video delivery behind the firewall

Ramp’s software-defined networking solutions deploy entirely behind the firewall and never need an external connection to a cloud-based service to operate, making them the safest and most favorable video delivery infrastructure options for security-conscious IT departments. Furthermore, consistent with Kaltura’s emphasis on providing secure solutions, Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network boasts enterprise-grade security features, such as encryption of content while in motion and at rest and distribution over HTTPS.

Ramp offers standards-based multicasting for HTML5 video. AltitudeCDN™ Multicast+ is the next-generation and only vendor-neutral replacement for companies using this popular protocol to distribute live video but still relying on legacy solutions reaching end-of-life status.

Also available from Ramp is AltitudeCDN OmniCache™, an intelligent caching solution for both live and on-demand video that allows enterprises to optimize video traffic without deploying any plugins or client software to viewing devices.

CEO of Ramp, Tom Racca said that they are excited about this partnership knowing customers will benefit from their mutual emphasis on enabling a high quality of experience for business video communications. Their certified solutions give IT administrator’s peace of mind to support the growing use of video inside the firewall while maintaining an efficient and secure network.           

“We are delighted to have Ramp join our Partner Network and further enhance our enterprise video platform,” said Zohar Babin, Vice President of Platform and Growth at Kaltura. “Kaltura’s video platform is a fully enterprise-grade system, providing our customers best-of-breed secure, reliable video solutions for any video use case and need.”




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