Samsung collaborates with UAE-based fintech startup VoucherSkout

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After a recent partnership with the Korea Federation of Banks, the global tech giant, Samsung has shown interest in UAE-based fintech startup VoucherSkout to introduce a digital savings service across the UAE called Samsung Pay Vouchers.

Established in 2016, VoucherSkout is a voucher-based value delivery platform, which delivers 50% off deals in the UAE. The company provides deals focused on food, hotels, clothing and other lifestyle brands. The company enables them to avail half off or buy-one-get-one-free offers at various brand outlets across the country.

According to the deal, VoucherSkout’s offers will be integrated with digital payments platform, Samsung Pay to offer 50% off discounts to customers using Samsung phones.

David Tobias, Founder of VoucherSkout said, “Samsung Pay Vouchers is the first tech collaboration of its kind between a UAE tech startup and a global mobile heavyweight. The opportunity is significant due to high smartphone penetration and a consumer market that is becoming increasingly value driven.” Further, he added, “We are looking forward to announcing expansion plans into other markets in the near future.”

VaucherSkout has developed a platform that aims to change the way in which user and merchant work together giving control back to the customer. The fast-growing startup has more than 45,000 users and 300 merchants across the UAE.

Samsung SDS to develop mobile banking through blockchain

In their recent partnership with the Korea Federation of Banks, the company developed new blockchain-based certification platform, called BankSign. BankSign allows its users to carry out transactions on different apps with the identity verification from only one app, using passwords, fingerprints or patterns for authentication.

Furthermore, Samsung SDS will use blockchain technologies to make seamless interactions between different banks’ mobile systems. The security ensured by connecting the bank’s systems into the data-sharing network and the data within this network will be valid for up to three years.



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