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Verizon and Microsoft together launch 5G Edge Cloud Computing Service

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Key Highlights:

  • Verizon launches 5G Edge Cloud Computing Service in partnership with Microsoft Azure.
  • 5G Edge reduces the latency of applications and provides compute and storage services.
  • 5G Edge makes a step forward towards next-generation business applications from core connectivity to real-time computing applications and services.

The Proliferance of 5G

5G is the fifth-generation global wireless network that has been designed to connect everything virtually including machines, objects, and devices. It aims at providing higher connectivity speed, low/reduced latency, more reliability, massive network capacity that empower new user experience connecting industries. With the advancement of technology and the growing importance of AI, 5G network services are being adopted by every company.

Launch of 5G Edge

5G is the future of technology that will not just increase the speed and connectivity of the network but also reduce latency and provide higher-bandwidth connection that will help the organizations to improve the efficiency and quality of their business.

Verizon in partnership with Microsoft Azure has launched 5G Edge cloud computing service that provides compute and storage services to the edge of the network. This 5G edge service is extremely beneficial for business enterprises. It aims at reducing latency thereby assisting critical, performance-impacting applications to respond more quickly and efficiently.

Application of 5G Edge Cloud Computing Service

This 5G-enabled service provides high bandwidth connectivity enabling applications involving computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and machine learning. This service has been designed keeping in mind the growing importance of AI transformation that has led to an increased usage of next-generation 5G business applications. The 5G Edge cloud computing service provides powerful compute and storage service capabilities at the edge of their customer’s networks enabling robust application experiences with increased security.

‘Ice Mobility’ – a logistics and supply chain solutions company, is a customer of Verizon that has been using this solution for computer vision-assisted product packing that have significantly improved their on-site quality assurance.

AWS Wavelength Zones Assisting 5G Edge

5G Edge Cloud Computing Service

After the successful application of the 5G Edge computing service, the company is now exploring ‘additional 5G applications’ that leverage computer vision. AWS Wavelength Zones have been set up at Verizon facilities across the US as a result of the partnership between Verizon and Amazon. These wavelength zones provide connections from the communications service providers’ 5G networks and provide access to cloud services running in a nearby AWS region.

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