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Quantum Machine Surges Ahead with $50 Million Investment

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Key Highlights:

  • Quantum computers have the promise of potentially speeding up very substantially computations that are impossible to complete in reasonable time with classical computers
  • The company has announced ‘$50 million Series B investment, that has now raised to approximately $83 million
  • The Quantum Machines is building classical cloud infrastructure that are required to run and operate quantum computers

The Quantum Orchestration Platform

Quantum Machine

The Quantum Machines is currently investing a lot of the invested money in research and development of the quantum computers as the industry is still at early stages of development. 

The Quantum Machines – an Israeli start-up that builds classical hardware and software infrastructure to help run software machines – developed a system called “The Quantum Orchestration Platform” that helps to run the burgeoning quantum machines. This was further explained by Itamar Sivan who is the co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines. He has worked in quantum his entire career having immense knowledge in this field. 

As said by Itamar Sivan, their vision specifically at Quantum Machines is to make quantum computers ubiquitous and disruptive across all industries.

The Quantum Machine Model

Quantum Machine

The company has designed its own silicon to create a system that relies on classical computers to power quantum computers.  It is not building quantum chips to support this system.

The quantum machine consists of three layers as compared to the classical computer that has only two layers. These layers have been classified as the quantum stack which includes the quantum hardware at the bottom followed by the classical hardware and the software at the top. The quantum machine mainly functions using the classical hardware and the software with the classical processor installed in the hardware.

The Quantum Machines is building classical cloud infrastructure that are required to run and operate quantum computers.

Interested Investors 

Quantum Machine

Governments, researchers, universities, and hyper-scale operators including Amazon, Netflix, and Google have gracefully accepted their approach and are interested in The Quantum Machine’s technology. The company has reached this stage with the help of just 60 employees but is planning to build a huge team with the help of the new fund. This funding will also provide enough money to invest in research and development.

The Future Plan

The company has been hiring employees globally from many different countries focusing more on diversity. This assists in improving the efficiency of the hiring process by involving as many people as possible. Except for the hardware team that has been working in the office, all the other employees work remotely that allows the company to hire employees from anywhere in the world. The CEO is planning to continue this trend of remote work even after the end of the pandemic.

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