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Importance of Using COI Tracking Software for Your Business

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With digitalization seeing unhindered advancement and softwares becoming increasingly affordable, businesses today prefer automated solutions that can make operations effortless. Tracking your business’s certificates of insurance (COIs) manually and storing piles of files in your office cabinet is an ineffective, outdated way of management. It puts your business at significant risk of data loss, mismanagement, or low productivity. Now, this task has been automated by COI tracking software for business.

A COI management software is an automated solution that can manage your insurance certificates and track the insurance status of your company. Moreover, it stores all the valuable data related to your insurance records in a centralized platform.

In traditional practices, there is a need to collect manually, review, track, and follow up with each partner’s compliance with insurance policies from time to time. This puts pressure on your team and employees. COI management software automates all this work and eliminates your team’s need to be involved in menial work, letting them focus on other essential aspects of business.

How Automated COI Tracking Benefits Businesses

Digital COI tracking is important as it facilitates businesses in a number of ways:

Increases Productivity

A good COI management software will streamline your workflow related to managing insurances and collecting data by extensively going through each application and extracting essential data like expiration dates. This software will enable efficient risk mitigation by eliminating human error and discrepancies. The platform will also send out automated emails and reminders for the renewal of insurance contracts and payments. This saves your in-house employees valuable time and allows them to focus on strategic work rather than organizing and sifting through cabinets full of files. Using automated COI tracking solutions can lead to higher productivity levels throughout your business and let your employees optimize their working hours.  

Improves Collaboration

A COI management solution can improve your in-house collaboration and the communication between your employees and external stakeholders. The centralized database can help your team or partners stay connected and well-informed about your insurance policies and their compliance. Your communication and reminders will be automated, and the system will be up and running even when your in-house staff is unavailable. This automatic COI management will also keep your team up-to-date with compliance of individual properties or office compliance and ensure that your unit stays well-informed.

Centralizes Data

Central platforms facilitate data access immensely. COI management software will store all your valuable insights and data like any important dates, payment plans, policy requirements, compliance requirements, and much more in a centralized platform that can be accessed from anywhere. This considerably decreases the time and effort needed to gain insights required for audit or compliance checks while freeing your team from the hassle of managing files manually. Your business will be able to quickly cater to any demand for documentation or compliance checks.


To gain maximum benefits from a COI management solution, you must research available options in the market and understand how certain features work before investing in one. Reading customer reviews and actively searching for a service with features that align with your business’ needs can lead you to find the most suitable software per your organization’s unique requirements. It is also good to test out multiple solutions before making a purchase by signing up for their free trials. This will ensure that you make a well-informed purchase and maximize the return on your investment in automation.

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