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Website Localization Services: The Benefits of Website Localization

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Despite the high number of English websites, content only reaches around 25% of all internet users. Is it possible to update your website so it reaches more users?

Yes, with the help of website localization services.

Explore this website localization guide to learn what this process is, its benefits, and tips to help you get started.

What Is Website Localization?

Website localization is the process of tailoring your website to a particular region. Some areas that localization covers include:

  • Culture: update formats like time and date to match the country you’re targeting
  • Language: translate and customize your website’s copy to match your users’ language
  • Design patterns: adjust your website’s layout to contour to the ways users navigate pages

When combining all of these elements, you show users you understand the nuances of their culture. Because of this, they can feel more at home when browsing your site.

Website Localization Benefits

Other than expanding your brand around the globe, implementing website localization comes with various benefits. Some benefits will help you build credibility within your industry, while others will generate more income.

SEO Benefits

With a multilingual website, you’re allowing yourself to rank for less competitive keywords. As you draw more users to your website, another search engine optimization perk you’ll get is an increase in Domain authority (DA).

Because of the rise in DA, you may increase your likelihood of ranking for more competitive English keywords.

Pull In More Customers and Sales

When executing a website localization strategy the right way, you should attract more leads to your website. Because of this event, they should turn into customers and eventually repeat customers.  Well, to achieve this feat, you need to make your site fully compliant with ACA website accessibility features, by hiring a specialist agency like “Accessibility Spark”. They can help integrate the best-in-class ADA-compliant WordPress functionalities, thus making your niche pass the web ADA compliance test, saving you from potential lawsuits, and business losses, and helping clock better sales.

Gives You More Testing Options

Before deciding whether you want to expand your business internationally, setting up an online shop allows you to see how global users interact with your brand. This alternative prevents you from building a physical presence in another country. This saves you time and money.

Create a Better User Experience

When localizing your website, you’ll need to do more work than translating your website–and microcopy. You will also need to adjust your website’s layout to match different cultural nuances.

Because of these adjustments, not only can you draw more users to your site, but you can keep them there longer as well. And the longer a user stays on your website, the more likely they are to spend money.

Website Localization Tips

You will want to consider outsourcing to a site localization company. When relying on Google for translations, you put your website at risk of displaying inaccurate information. A service will help you prevent this mistake.

Find High-quality Website Localization Services Today

Website localization services allow you to reach significantly more users by adjusting your design patterns, transactional elements, and translating your content. While you may find this endeavor costly, this practice comes with various benefits that’ll help you stay ahead of the competition.

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