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According to research, filing a single file requires 5 minutes on an average. This average time doesn’t take into account time spent on document search and its retrieval. Spending time on printing and storing paper documents is hugely wasteful for businesses. Furthermore, with increasing physical paperwork, you need to account for opportunity cost of real estate space used and the added purchase of cabinets. Also there is a high risk of document loss through misplacement or damage, when they are retained in physical form. To reduce the need to manage documents physically, General DataP. Limited was established.

General Data, Managing Corporate Data Immaculately

Established in 1984, General Data Private Limited is an Indian company specializing in document management, software development and engineering analysis. The company has an extensive repertoire of high-end international projects on advanced platforms. Their IT strategy and infrastructure is firmly aligned with the rapidly changing demands of the software industry as well as unique business needs. The company’s strong points include their systems and methodologies and commitment to business goals.

CEO With A Vision To Bring Significant Changes

CEO of General Data, Aditya Halan, has an industry experience of more than 10 years where he worked in various domains ranging from eCommerce, IT Infrastructure, eGovernance, DMS and Workflow, Mobile App Development, Software Development, etc. Aditya has built General Data from ground up to what it is today. His role in the company is not limited to just Project Management and Execution, Creating Relationships, End to End Growth of The Organization, Business Development, Account Management, Finance and Administration and Customer Satisfaction. Aditya has an intimate knowledge of the IT industry which has helped him immensely while leading the company.

Segments Of Operation

General Data has developed a strong position for itself to offer products and services in four segments–

  • Information Management:

This segment is related to document, data, information handling and processing. The company scans and digitizes physical documents, and helps clients archive them and manage records.

  • Web Services:

General Data has a strong command over .NET and PHP stacks. Using these, the company undertakes a spectrum of website design and development projects. The company also Web Applications Development, Content Management Systems, Domain Registration, and Website Hosting.

  • Software Development:

General Data truly understands the client’s requirements when it comes to custom software development. The company is very careful of their requirement analysis process, which has allowed them to take up a diverse range of Custom Software Development projects, both on-premise and cloud based, and Mobile Application Development.

  • Digital Marketing:

General Data has their footprint in the digital marketing as well. Digital Marketing is defined as the scope of activities that increases the company’s visibility online as well as defines the corporate communication and branding strategy in the digital space. The company oversees the digital marketing of the clients to ensure their presence in the digital space which also includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Management (SMM and SMO), and Email Marketing.

Making A Mark In The Industry

General Data’s digitization service offers high quality and swift conversion of physical documents into electronic format, making the information contained therein easily searchable and instantly accessible. The company has the finest human resources and use latest technology, support instruments and software for the process, which is the key factor for the company’s success in the industry. For quality assurance, company uses high-end scanners and other technologies like Optical Character Recognization (OCR), Document Management Solution (DMS), and Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

Privileged Clientele

General Data has served over 50 world class clients across various segments like Information Management, Web Services, Software Development and Digital Marketing. Currently, the company serves clients across domains like Banking & Financial Services, Defense, Education & Training , Government & Public Sector, Media & Entertainment, Retail, and much more.

Future Endeavours

General Data is a company with its future plans already set beforehand. They intend to expand and offer solutions in the global market more and more in the Middle East and Hong Kong, where some projects are already running. Furthermore, to stay at the top, the company has some internal plans set up for the near future–

  • Recruitment and Retention of the Best Talent:

One of the major challenges of a growing company is talent acquisition. Great talent is the most important fuel for the company’s growth and creating a good core team, especially when it comes to software engineering. General Data has plans to successfully establish a perfect pipeline for that.

  • Create and Keep a Close Eye on KPIs:

An effective CEO understands the key goals of the company and the key metrics that tell everyone if the strategies laid out by the team are on track. To create relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and monitor them closely is the foremost plan of the company to ensure the creativity stays alive.

  • Engage Team In Discussion:

To keep creativity alive, teams must be engaged in discussions and planning sessions. To take their opinions and evaluate them without bias is of utmost importance.

From The CEO’s Desk

The company’s motto ‘Service With Integrity’ makes them stand apart from the competitors and also the amount of dedication and virtue they show towards the client. According to Aditya, to survive the current competition in the industry, for the young generation, there are some steps to follow–

  1. Ensure client satisfaction as the paramount factor
  2. Ensure quality rather than quantity of deliverables
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Take action
  5. Learn from mistakes
  6. Know your customer
  7. Understand the industry through data and insights
  8. Surpass the expectations

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