Updates on PUBG Mobile

5 Important Updates on PUBG Mobile that you should know now!

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The launch of PUBG Mobile’s new season 17 “ROYALE PASS” will definitely be the reason to bring a smile on the gamer’s community this week. This new season will be ready to download and play on both platforms (Android & iOS) from Tuesday (19th January).

5 Major Updates on PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass: Release date, New Dresses, Skin, Emotes

  1. Runic Powered Themed reward:

Updates on PUBG Mobile

In this new season, Royale Pass the players will get a chance to choose between Resplendent Dawn and Deadly Sickle at rank 50, players than have to reach rank 100 to get the majestic Guardian Armour set with the newly themed UZI & M16A4.

  1. RP Mission Pack:

Updates on PUBG Mobile

In this new season of PUBG Mobile Royale Pass a new update adds-up a purchase activity pack that will help the player to increase the RP rapidly, and will allow converting the collected Mission Activity points into UC refunds.

  1. The Adventure event is back:

Updates on PUBG Mobile

In Season 17 Royale Pass the one thing that almost every gamer enjoy for sure is the adventure event which is back with the Runic power theme. The player will have to achieve Metro badges from the RP event tab to go on an amazing adventure like never experienced in the history of the PUBG mobile game. AS the story goes ahead the player will have to collect the supplies so that he can redeem them to get the exclusive vehicles and other rewards.

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  1. New Firearms:

Updates on PUBG Mobile

Update without adding up few new weapons sounds like a boring plan. In the newly launched updated version of PUBG Mobile season 17, the gamers will be happy to load a few of the new firearms to their crate.

  • A new assault rifle that uses 5.56mm Ammo & can fire 25 rounds in a single load is added. This is by far the best short-range rifle in the history of PUBG, considering its impact strength & stability while aiming.
  • New accessories, scopes, muzzle & mag is added so that the player can update the weapons.
  • Increased the damage of Kar98K & M24.
  1. Option to choose between Flame Rune:

Updates on PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile’s new season Royal Pass is focusing towards making the game more interesting for the player by adding up the stories & some nice animations so that the gamer gets hooked.

3 Options for gamers to choose between Runes-

  • Flame Rune – Flame that rolls slowly causing damage to the player it touches.
  • Arctic Rune – This rune will build the ice wall.
  • Wind Rune – It will reduce the damage caused by the bullets when fired from outside the shield and will also cause distractions in-visibility.




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