UK’s search for more medics in house doomed to fail

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Increasing the number of available places at medical and dental schools will not solve the demand issue. Educating UK students abroad may help to an extent. 

The amount of places to study medicine and dentistry in the UK is ‘capped’, and that 2021 has seen a 21% increase in UK-based students wanting to study those subjects, compared to year 2020’s figures for applications for the limited places. In addition, the pandemic has meant that Dentistry students in the UK, in their final two years, can’t get the practice that they need, on real patients, so as to graduate.

Adam Krawczyk, the Chairman of Medical Poland, says, “Medical Poland’s Educational department has vast experience, since 2009, in placing Republic of Ireland & UK high-school graduates, & other degree graduates, into Medical Studies through English language, in top quality universities in Poland.”

Krawczyk is aware of the current surfeit of UK-based students, in August of 2021, who are anxiously awaiting clearance to study Dentistry in their preferred university. “There have been media reports of financial inducements being offered to some students to study Dentistry in UK universities other than that student’s preferred first choice university. At the same time, there are more aspiring students, than there are UK Dentistry university places, overall”

He continues: “Medical Poland is sensitive to the needs of students of all ethnicities and backgrounds who choose to study medical subjects.  Future dentists of the UK, as they leave high school, or other undergraduate degree, can be confident that their 6-years Dentistry education (BDS, Bachelor of Dental Sciences) in a Polish University stands with the world elite universities, and that they will be fully qualified to practice anywhere in Europe or UK, once they complete their degree in Poland. Also, Medical Poland will work closely with the teaching hospitals and dental clinics which have close ties to the Polish universities, so that no student loses-out on clinical placement, with regards to final year real world experience. Medical Poland is always apprised of clinical placement capacity, regarding the universities in Poland with which it works.”

Says Krawczyk: “UK-based students need not wait another year. At Medical Poland, we aim to help UK students study at the best of European universities, and by that I mean Polish universities, despite Brexit and the pandemic. 

In addition, the fees for the universities in Poland are very attractive, and quite affordable for the students & their parents. The cost of living in Poland is typically no more than 40% that of UK cost-of-living prices. The student accommodations at the Poland universities’ halls of residence are very comfortable and low cost airlines are opening up fuller schedules again. ”

Note for editors:

Medical Poland was set up in 2008, by current Chairman, Mr. Adam Krawczyk, to answer the needs of UK and Republic of Ireland students who wished to explore options in international Medical Studies (Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Nursing, Physiotherapy), when they find that the courses in their home nations are oversubscribed, or the student’s own high-school grades were marginally deficient to qualify them for said course. Medical Poland works with top quality universities in Poland to place students in those Universities who wish to study their chosen medical science, through the English Language. 

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