The 20 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers, 2021

In today’s connected world, the role of technology has become more important in the healthcare industry. Over the years, different verticals of the healthcare industry have adopted technology and witnessed the benefits associated with it. Telemedicine or telehealth is one such aspect of technology that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare with its immense potential. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year has further propelled the demand for these technologies.While ….
Muse by Interaxon: A Versatile Brain-Sensing Tech-Solution for Meditation & Sleep
Technological advancements have certainly pushed the growth rate of companies ...
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LabOS: Trendsetter in the Modern Lab Information Systems
Healthcare is a highly customer-sensitive industry. Due to COVID-19, pharmaceuticals ...
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iSmyle Dental Center
iSmyle Dental Center: A One-Stop Solution for Expert Dental Treatments
With the onset of the pandemic, healthcare emerged as a ...
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HeartIn Inc
HeartIn Inc.: Pioneering the Future of Remote Cardiac Assessment
Today, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are one of the major causes ...
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Dexium Technologies
Dexium Technologies: Leveraging Technology to Ensure Medical Adherence
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shown to the world the ...
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BurstIQ: Cultivating Connections for the Next Generation of Health
When we first interviewed BurstIQ, the company already had a ...
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CureAssist: An Innovative Health-Tech Offering Holistic Diabetes Management
Over the past year, the healthcare industry has transformed substantially. ...
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Business Automation Experts
Business Automation Experts: Ushering Innovative Technology in Healthcare Industry
Technology has played a pivotal role in the transformation of ...
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COLDPLASMATECH GmbH: Transforming Lives by revolutionizing the Chronic Wound Treatment
Wound healing is a complex and highly regulated process that ...
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Abilitech Medical
Abilitech Medical: Assistive Solution for Upper-limb Neuromuscular Weakness
The healthcare industry has grown exponentially since the outbreak of ...
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