COLDPLASMATECH GmbH: Transforming Lives by revolutionizing the Chronic Wound Treatment


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Wound healing is a complex and highly regulated process that is critical in maintaining the barrier function of the skin. However, several factors such as infections and diseases critically affect the wound healing process—resulting in chronic/non-healing wounds. Today, numerous people across the globe suffer from chronic wounds such as diabetic foot syndrome, decubitus, fungal diseases, superinfections, etc. As the healing process of these wounds is tedious, painful, and expensive, the quality of the patients’ lives is severely affected.

Driven by its passion to help these patients experience a new way of life, COLDPLASMATECH GmbH has invented and patented a new and effective type of wound therapy. With the CPTpatch, its specialists have developed an active wound dressing that effectively treats wounds. The Germany-based company is the first in the world to use the patented Active Glow technology—that enables a groundbreaking application that even combats multi-resistance–painless, over a large area, quickly, and safely.

Bridging the Gap

COLDPLASMATECH was founded in mid-2015 by a duo of visionaries Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz (Founder and CEO) and Tobias Gura (Founder and COO). The roots of the company date back to the time when Carsten came across a promising technology known as cold atmospheric plasma—a blue, glowing gas with the ability to kill bacteria and promote wound healing. However, the products made using this technology were not market compatible and able to help patients.

The duo aimed to bridge this gap by helping patients deal with chronic wounds. They recognized that the technology was useful, however, its application needed to be reinvented. Consequently, the duo brought a new approach to wound treatment by replacing the handheld devices with wound dressings that can generate the cold plasma themselves. They emphasized market needs over technological needs. “We started our way to make chronic wounds not only treatable but healable,” mentions Carsten.

Healing-centered Approach

Today, the chronic wound market—like the diabetes market—is centered on making the patients a cash cow and exploiting the situation for monetary benefits. There is more focus on treating the wound rather than healing and eradicating the root cause behind it. Contrary to the market norms, COLDPLASMATECH primarily focuses on solving this problem.

We don’t want people to live better with the wounds. We don’t want people to be treated with those wounds. We want those wounds to heal,” asserts the distinguished CEO. Furthermore, the application of plasma, faster, hands-free, and optimal treatment, safety, reliability, etc. are some other prominent factors that differentiate COLDPLASMATECH’s product from other plasma devices.  

Driving the Growth

Carsten, alongside Tobias, has been instrumental in the company’s growth over the years. Together, the duo constitutes a formidable team that sits very well and has a great symbiosis. While Tobias handles the micro-management inside the company, his co-founder handles the outside operations. He primarily performs roles of a troubleshooter and a strategist—viz. helps the team find a solution when nobody else can. Moreover, Carsten is also responsible for setting the vision of the company while Tobias is making sure everyone in the team works well.

COLDPLASMATECH has been bestowed with numerous awards and accolades for its innovative approach. Since its inception, it has received a total of 28 awards such as the German Innovation Award 2018, the Public Value Award from Ernst&Young, etc. Carsten has also received a plethora of awards throughout his career. However, according to him, witnessing patients heal from their wounds and return to normal lives is one of the biggest achievements. “It all boils down to having a patient, ending his suffering, and making him feel like a normal person,” he adds.

A Dynamic Team

COLDPLASMATECH—since its foundation—has focused on understanding the market needs by talking to patients, stakeholders, physicians, nurses, etc. in the market. The company comprises a strong team of highly skilled and talented people—committed to a common goal of bringing COLDPLASMATECH’s technology to the market.  

Every member of the team is given the exposure to go outside, communicate with people, and gather the much-needed information to get acquainted with the ground reality. Moreover, everyone in the company is pursuing nursing education to understand how wounds are treated outside and what needs to be done to enhance the existing treatment procedures.

Unhindered Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic influenced the healthcare industry in various ways. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic posed several challenges for healthcare providers across the globe. However, Medtech companies like COLDPLASMATECH were unhindered as the demand for chronic disease treatments remained steady during the pandemic. As a smaller and younger company, COLDPLASMATECH is resilient and agile—unlike some larger companies—due to which it seamlessly adapted to the shift.

Carsten believes that in the future, companies that are ready to adapt will be able to deal better with situations such as the COVID-19. He mentions that companies have to inculcate the entrepreneurial and startup approach to get prepared for these unprecedented situations. “You can’t anticipate what the next problem is. But you can have a solid structure and an entrepreneurial approach to be able to react to every challenge coming forth,” he adds.

Future Aspirations and Anticipations

In the near future, COLDPLASMATECH’s game-changing product is all set to influence the wound market and transform it from a care-centered market to a healing-centered market. The company has researched its solution for several years and has received market approval in Europe. In the coming years, it aims to bring this technology to the world and make it affordable for everyone to be treated.   Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz believes that technological innovations were necessary for the advanced wound care market as the market, traditionally, is very low on innovations. Envisioning a healing-centered market, he concludes, “The wound care industry has to adapt and center on the question of how to heal the wounds rather than only treating them. This will truly be the gamechanger in the market.”


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