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Healthcare is a highly customer-sensitive industry. Due to COVID-19, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment manufacturing companies had to respond immediately. The research and development sector saw major investment—building hundreds of multi-site labs for testing coronavirus as well as its evolving variants. These sudden developments increased the demand for scalable IT and Lab Information Systems (LIS) that can handle the immense amount of data recorded during the tests.

LabOS is a scalable and customizable LIS that is catering to this increasing demand. It was developed specifically to optimize lab efficiency, increase revenue and provide enhanced services. LabOS provides services to hospitals, laboratories, and testing facilities globally. The implementation of innovations such as AI and SaaS tech has truly revolutionized the healthcare industry.

Reliable Leaders of LIS

LabOS was established in 1995, with an aim to help medical professionals and organizations thrive. The Vice President – Clients, Sefi Brand, has been a dedicated member of the company for more than two decades. He focuses on increasing the company’s clientele and building strategic relations while actively working for the technological growth of the product. LabOS’ team is built mostly by tech experts who have helped develop LabOS as the remarkable product it is today.

In 1996, labOS worked for the Israeli government to provide LIS solutions for 10 government-owned hospitals. Today, the company is the top LIS provider for the country’s hospitals and Health maintenance organization (HMO). During the outbreak of COVID-19, the Israeli government entrusted LabOS’s services and asked it to build labs and tests.

“We helped in opening numerous coronavirus labs in Israel—deploying LabOS in different lab locations within days and supporting on-site & off-site operations,” says Sefi.

Comprehensive Cloud-based Operations

LabOS emphasizes quality and uniqueness. It is the first LIS service provider to introduce its solutions on WindowsOS when other competitors in the industry were offering DOS. The company is also dedicated to constant growth. Presently, LabOS offers a Cloud-based LIS solution to clients, which is gaining popularity as it eliminates the need for expensive hardware installation and maintenance. Another advantage of cloud-based LIS is the implementation process—it is quick. The Process that would take months can be completed within days. In these unprecedented times, a COVID-19 testing laboratory can be set up within 14 days with LabOS Cloud systems.

With the SaaS pricing model, labOS’ clients can grow to more sites and a wider variety of tests effortlessly. The company works hard to gain the trust of its clients and never bounds them to long-term legal agreements. The LabOS platform supports all types of lab disciplines varying from core lab testing to microbiology, anatomic pathology, cytology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and blood bank. Additionally, it provides complete solutions that allow unparalleled customization with the help of various add-on modules and including LabMD, MyLab, LabWay, Genetics, and Billing.

“LabOS is unique in its ability to optimize lab efficiency and drive a path to more revenue via point-of-care and telehealth data integration,” mentioned Sefi.

Emphasizing Employee Development

LabOS has over 150 employees around the world, most of which work in the development of the application. The company provides the employees with a training session that lasts up to a few days. These sessions help the employee understand the LabOS system, the LIS healthcare industry, and clientele. Each new and existing client is assigned to a project manager and implementer. The implementer engages with the system hand-in-hand with the client. This familiarizes the employee with the client’s workflows through LabOS. After a successful implementation process, the team is always available for the client’s needs and requests.

2020: Rising to the Revive

The healthcare industry responded to the pandemic immediately. Numerous government and privately held rescearch organizations invested in the healthcare industry in order to rapidly react to the COVID-19 dread and adhere to the changes. With the establishment of new laboratory testing facilities the demand for LabOS and its integrated solutions rose. In turn the company scaled its business and enhanced its capabilities to aid the world with its LIS product and services during the period.

“We don’t limit ourselves to only one test discipline, and by being fully cloud-based we are able to answer any lab need quickly and efficiently,” said Sefi.

Post-pandemic Healthcare Industry

Technology has pushed the industry forward significantly. Today, LIS is capable of generating custom health reports for patients and lab status reports for better management. Additionally, LIS is also aiding the evolution of technology in the labs. The pandemic has directed the attention of the world towards innovative software-based solutions like LabOS. Strategic innovative solutions will continue to positively impact the healthcare industry in the future. The applications of LIS technologies like the LabOS have already interested numerous clients outside the US and Israel.

Creating a Global Footprint

LabOS has already launched numerous add-on modules to LabOS that enhance the system’s features. The LabMD is a web application for doctors to access patients’ history and perform actions, including generating reports from anywhere. The patients can use MyLab to check their test results in real-time using any device. Additionally, LabWay is an app for traveling couriers, to manage and track the collection and delivery of samples, consumables, and packages from clients to the lab.

These add-on modules help obtain the ultimate result and further simplify operations for the user. “I believe LabOS can change healthcare for the people, and simplify lab operations for the doctors and technicians of the US,” concludes Sefi.


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