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Business Automation Experts

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Technology has played a pivotal role in the transformation of industries across the world, and the healthcare industry is no exception. In recent years, the increasing adoption of technology has been extremely beneficial for the healthcare industry to improve operations and enhance the patient experience. These transmutations have also boosted the accessibility and affordability of on-demand medical treatment. However, the increasing tech adoption is also creating several opportunities for cybercriminals and hackers around the world.

Cybersecurity attacks in the healthcare industry are increasing at a geometric rate, and new vulnerabilities are often found and exploited in networks and computer systems. Thus, companies today need to safeguard their data against cyberattacks. To ensure optimal threat protection, they need to inculcate new and innovative technologies within the system. Business Automation Experts is one of the leading companies that are catering to this need by providing customized technological products for boosting operational performance and generating demonstrable economic achievements.

Enhancing Administrative Efficiency

Established in 2005, Business Automation Experts is a consulting company that focuses on the strategic use of technology to improve the company’s operational efficiency. The company helps businesses harness sophisticated technologies to add new streams of revenue.

BAE emphasizes breaking down information siloes and eliminating accumulated system debt. By aligning information systems with the corporate strategy, it streamlines the compliance and system security needs of firms to help them achieve their revenue goals.  The company believes in the philosophy that client delight is central to building the trust required to take risks and reach goals—and focuses on healthcare transformation to bring better outcomes for all.

Strengthening the Security

Just as washing hands and using sanitizers is basic hygiene, it is important to have some system hygiene,” says Matt Lepkowski (CEO of BAE). To help organizations achieve system hygiene and strengthen security solutions, BAE has collaborated with Seceon—an organization with threat management detection and automated remediation at its core.

Seceon has incorporated Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning and developed aiSIEM—one of the most advanced SIEM with actionable intelligence and automated threat containment and elimination. By using aiSEM, a healthcare organization can transform a network systems manager into an army of security analysts and successfully defend against a rapidly evolving threat landscape while leveraging existing investments in network technology. Matt anticipates that aiSIEM will become a significant element of system hygiene in the near future.

A Robust Team of Experts

Matt has been an integral part of BAE’s success over the years. He specializes in software development, administration of projects, network architecture, and security. Being at the helm of the company, Matt works closely with clients to understand their difficulties and engages the team to discover solutions that fit BAE’s model of comprehensive, quick deployment and value accretive for its clients. As a majority of solutions offered by the company are used internally, Matt and his team can locate the pitfalls before clients. 

Under Matt’s dynamic leadership, the company has helped its numerous clients achieve success. It has helped physicians expand their practices to more sites and services. Moreover, BAE has helped billing firms respond to threat actors and defend their reputation and systems. “The challenges will continue but looking at the alignment of systems to desired outcomes will help us bring more success to present and future clients,” mentions Matt.

Matt leads a robust team of seasoned employees who exhibit self-motivation and a passion to delight clients. BAE provides its employees with frequent training sessions to encourage their growth. Matt believes that helping employees learn about industry trends and lessons from other engagements improves the overall performance. 

Fresh Initiatives to Consume

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government response to the crisis instilled more fear among the public. As a result, there was a large deferral of services in the healthcare industry. On the other hand, some initiatives around telehealth and telemetry were expedited by 20 years due to the reconfiguration of health services. Which of these initiatives is going to stay relevant and beneficial in the long run is the challenge facing everyone today.

Furthermore, the pandemic has pushed for a consumer approach of health services which would adjust the strategic imperatives for BAE’s client organizations. Cybersecurity will be foundational to this movement as it allows improved engagement without any infringement of patient information. Seceon has a robust platform without the legacy approaches of signature-based analytics and rule writing. This flexibility helps the solution tackle the evolving threat landscape—helping healthcare clients remain focused on the new consumer initiatives.

Continuing on the Merry Way

In the near future, BAE aims to continue leveraging many years of client engagements and ensure alignment between their strategy and infrastructure. The company will continue to drive new revenue and strengthen loyalty by presenting methods to clients which increase efficiency—while maintaining the security frameworks they need.

BAE is looking into AI-supported robotic process automation to assist clients with their operations. Moreover, the company keeps itself updated on what Seceon and other big players are bringing to the table next and how it can address the newer challenges faced by its client organizations.

Future Trends in the Industry

As healthcare continues to move from a fee-for-service model to value-based purchasing, the pressure to improve operations will increase. Matt believes that the sector will continue to develop innovative solutions which improve health outcomes. He adds that the push for more self-service and patient directed care will challenge some of the doctor-patient paradigms. Moreover, the proliferation of sensor data, home genomic information, and other data sets will also drive analytic services and research on health guidelines. “There are many encouraging trends and we are excited to help support our client initiatives,” concludes Matt.

Business Automation Experts

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