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iSmyle Dental Center

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With the onset of the pandemic, healthcare emerged as a silver lining and pivoted the business sector towards growth. Being an important domain of the healthcare industry, the dental sector played a significant role to handle the outbreaks of the pandemic. It not only offered various career opportunities in the healthcare arena but also beheld several economic outcomes. Pivoting the dental industry with immense contribution, iSmyle Dental Center has been offering a plethora of dental treatments and oral healthcare solutions. Under the supervision of leading dental and oral healthcare experts, the center has been catering to the various needs and concerns related to overall oral healthcare using the latest equipment for successful treatments.

iSmyle Dental Center is the brainchild of Dr. Saif Sayed (Co-Admin) and Dr. Sanah Sayed (Co-Admin). In 2013, the duo forged the concept of leveraging the combination of their minds, thought processes, and qualifications. Dr. Saif Sayed is a general dental practitioner and has been practicing for the past 10 years. He focuses more on the functionality of a tooth. Dr. Sanah Sayed, on the other hand, has done specialization in cosmetic dentistry. She appreciates the finer, aesthetic aspects of teeth. With a combinational approach, both the doctors gave life to their decision of providing the best treatment to patients, in terms of both functionality and aesthetics, via iSmyle Dental Center.

Array of Quality Dental Treatments

iSmyle offers painless and quality dental treatments to patients. It provides a wide range of expert treatments that are supervised by specialists. The center uses modern equipment to ensure that the patients walk out of the clinic with a bright smile on their faces.

While Dr. Sanah Sayed specializes in single appointment smile designing, Dr. Saif offers dental implants to his patients—having performed over 300 implant surgeries at the clinic. Additionally, features such as the clinic’s proximity to the airport, wheelchair-accessible clinic, and strict hygiene protocol make it stand apart from its competitors.

Smooth Functioning and Operations

Being at the helm of the company, Dr. Sanah and Dr. Saif ensure smooth functioning and operations at the clinic. Both the doctors also practice safety and hygiene protocols such as infection control protocols inside the clinic. They ensure that the protocols are being followed by not just the patients but also the staff and doctors.

The doctors at iSmyle maintain the smooth running of the dental clinic by handling the grievances of the patients efficiently and addressing them in a calm and composed manner. This effective client management contributes to the maintenance of a healthy and ethical conclusion. Altogether, Dr. Sanah and Dr. Saif consider it as their responsibility to ensure that the patients undergo deserving treatments in accordance with their needs and charges. The clinic also makes regular follow-up calls to ensure that the patients are doing well after receiving the treatment.

Specialists at the Core

The team of iSmyle Dental Center comprises 8 specialists, 4 trained staff members, and 3 dental lab professionals. Built on the foundation of years of trust, the team of dental specialists has been providing consistent quality care to more than thousands of patients. Each member understands that no patient likes to sit consistently on a chair for prolonged hours, and hence they are offered quality and painless treatment in the least traumatic manner within the least possible amount of time. Keeping this in mind, the nursing staff also ensures patients’ comfort by providing items such as neck cushions, soothing music, wet wipes, and many more.

Doctors at iSmyle Dental Center—cultivating patient-centric dental treatment—ensure that the patients receive dental treatments with minimal visits by leveraging advanced local anesthesia techniques to eradicate fear. The clinic offers monthly training for the nurses, while the doctors are provided with regular dental education training to gain knowledge of the changing trends within the dental industry. The clinic also organizes weekend workshops to propagate information on dental and oral healthcare.

The ‘8-Stage’ Safety Protocol

The COVID-19 pandemic instilled a reasonable fear amongst people. People were worried about cross-infection in dental clinics. Besides, the fear of going out of the house put them into practicing self-medication with the help of local search engines. As this was a dangerous and unhealthy practice, iSmyle considered it as its job to provide counseling sessions to the patients, educate them of the protocol followed at the clinic, and assure them that their teeth are in safe, experienced hands. As no other healthcare worker is in closer contact with human saliva than the dental healthcare professionals, doctors at the iSmyle Dental Center ensured the strict maintenance of hygiene protocols in the clinic premises.

The clinic introduced and followed a strict 8-stage protocol for all the patients, doctors, and staff. The protocol included Daily stringent temperature checks, oximeter readings, wearing of protective equipment, social distancing, high concentrated disinfection of the floor, and tables between every patient getting treated at the clinic. Although the practice of the protocol has led to prolonged periods of treatment and increased expenses, the clinic ensured that none of these factors affected the quality of health care provided to each and every patient. By practicing the 8 stage safety protocol, iSmyle Dental Center has gained the experience to handle medical crises in the future. It continues to strictly practice these protocols at the clinic to prevent contamination while using personal protective gears to ensure maximized safety and prevention.

Digitizing the Future

iSmyle Dental Center aims to go completely digital. The clinic is already leveraging various aspects of digitization such as digital smile designs, digitally-driven implant dentistry and digital simulation of a particular treatment. In the future, iSmyle aims at providing only digital treatment options to the patients, which would result in fewer chair timings with better and more predictable results while allowing no room for error.

iSmyle Dental Center

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