CureAssist: An Innovative Health-Tech Offering Holistic Diabetes Management


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Over the past year, the healthcare industry has transformed substantially. Due to COVID-19, tele-health has cemented its existence as a mainstream medium for providing and getting access to healthcare. Health workers and the users alike have latched on to health-tech platforms and are readily adapting to the digital change during the pandemic.

As a result, Health-tech applications have become the new norm in the industry. Today, various previously established as well as new tele-health and consultation solutions are gaining the limelight. CureAssist is such a telemedicine platform that is created to provide personalized, fully integrated healthcare solutions anytime anywhere. It allows the users to connect to doctors and get audio or video consultations in real-time, comfortably without going out of the house. Additionally, CureAssist also stores medical records of the patients privately and securely.

The company was established by a team of intellectual co-founders, Saurabh Satija (Chief Executive Officer), Dr. Ambanna Gowda (Chief Medical Officer), and Girish Patil (Chief Technology Officer), in 2018. Later, the company has also appointed a seasoned COO, Siddharth Sarangi.

An Elite Leader

Saurabh is a two-time health-tech startup founder with over 13 years of Entrepreneurial, Brand Management, and Marketing experience across industries including E-commerce, Health-tech, Food and Beverage, and FMCG industries. Presently, as the CEO, he is responsible for the development of the team. Saurabh constantly engages himself in hiring the most appropriate individuals that are aligned to the vision and the culture of the company.

While working at his first health-tech startup Saurabh used to consistently get queries from consumers asking for recommendations on medication basis a symptom. Most of these consumers had chronic conditions like diabetes and a majority of the users didn’t have access to a consulting physician. “That got me thinking as to how is it I can help chronic condition patients to help them manage their disease but also provide preventive care solutions,” said Saurabh. This unique problem led to the inception of CureAssist. Soon, under the expert guidance of Dr. Ambanna—a firm believer in holistic diabetic care and is well versed in all aspects of diabetes management, the company was established.

Comprehensive Healthcare App

CureAssist offers access to healthcare professionals in different specialties, including cardiology, pulmonology, dermatology, and more. The user can book online audio or video consultations with a trusted doctor, effortlessly through the app. The patient can also upload medical documents and photos beforehand to make sure that the consulting professional is well informed about the patient’s condition. Post consulting, the doctor can also provide an e-prescription through the CureAssist app that can be used at any pharmaceutical store. The company also offers free follow-ups for up to 5 days post consultation.

The CureAssist app can also be used to store medical records, prescriptions, and conversations securely in a password-protected digital health locker, accessible at the user’s convenience. In addition, the app can also be customized to set up a family account, to keep a family’s health information saved in one place while ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality of the data.

CureAssist is a truly comprehensive solution as it can be used to take care of health on a daily basis. The user can manage their daily wellbeing with the app by syncing with health data from mobile phones, tracking emotions, and getting reminders to help stay on track with health goals. CureAssist ensures complete wellbeing as it is a custom-tailored health-tech app – a habit tracker, healthcare provider, and information database.

Offering Uber-Expertise

CureAssist is a tele-health platform that offers diabetes management solutions along with tele-consultations with super-specialist doctors. Over the years, the company has developed a roster of more than 100 doctors with specializations in numerous fields. Additionally, the company ensures that the doctors have an average of 12 years of experience. They are carefully handpicked through an in-depth diligence process. The company also ensures that the healthcare professionals on the app are reliable to assure the highest quality of care. The patients can consult the doctors of their choice in order to get expert medical advice or to get an electronic prescription.

Specialists at CureAssist have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment in numerous fields of medicine, including neurology, cardiology, nutrition, pulmonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, dermatology, obstetrics, neonatology, urology, psychology, gynecology, cosmetic surgery, interventional radiology, and COVID-19.

“We are a diverse team passionate about solving the issues plaguing healthcare delivery today,” asserts Saurabh.


CureAssist has specifically created a section that offers additional tips, tricks, and techniques to stay healthy. HealthyBytes provides content nutrition, self-help, conditioning, yoga, and meditation, and stress relief, mental and physical health. These insightful blog articles are curated specially for the users to find motivation and stay fit to avoid a visit to the doctor.

COVID-19 Measures

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread healthcare workers were the only hope. The entire industry had to take vital steps to retaliate against the growing challenges during the period. Initially, several customers of the CureAssist frequently raised questions about the symptoms of COVID-19 along with healthcare guidelines and management for home quarantined family members. The company on boarded several specialists on the subject in order to deliver such key information to its users. This unconditional service from CureAssist resulted in high amounts of growth for the company—numerous new users joined and started supporting the platform.

Today, however, the virus has been taken under control but the challenges still persist. CureAssist is currently testing a few solutions to help patients suffering from chronic conditions apart from Diabetes in order to enhance the range of its services.

“We believe digital health platforms will lead the disruption of the healthcare industry,” stated Saurabh.


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