The 10 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2017

Big data is a phrase that many organizations wrongly assume is outside their purview— relegated to the monolithic players like Amazon or Facebook—but the truth is, more and more small to medium-sized organizations are reaping the rewards of analytical thinking and self-service data insights. Speaking particularly for QSR operators, they have abundant data, which can boost the business if streamlined in an appropriate way. Furthermore, most franchisees track disparate data sources and ….
Argyle Data
Argyle Data: Leveraging Big Data to Transform the Telecom Industry
Organizations worldwide are looking for ways to implement Artificial Intelligence ...
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Bay Microsystems
Bay Microsystems: Unleashing the Value of Distributed Data
Big Data currently comes in many forms and with each ...
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Beyond The Arc
Beyond the Arc: A Leader, Innovating the Customer Experience
Every business has their own unique set of challenges that ...
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Innominds: A Technology Provider Helping Innovators Stay Ahead
Big Data is considerably new technology, but is growing faster ...
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