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Organizations worldwide are looking for ways to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning analytics solutions to harness the potential of Big Data. The majority of enterprises admit that their deployment of AI is stalled at the strategy stage.  This is, to a large extent, because of the very few usable offerings currently available:  most AI technologies are develop-your-own-application tools rather than ready-to-use business solutions.

Argyle Data is one of the exceptions.  For several years they have been a leader in machine learning analytics for mobile fraud prevention, and their offering is used by major operators in the US and Europe. The company has recently developed a predictive analytics module, where machine learning algorithms, neural network architectures and and multiple data sources are combined to accurately predict behaviors. A number of major telcos are now using its subscriber analytics application to instantly predict the willingness and ability to pay to would-be mobile phone subscribers.  The predictions are accurate up to three months after the date of analysis. This has far-reaching consequences for preventing mobile subscriber fraud both online and in retail outlets.

About the Company

Based in San Mateo, CA, Argyle Data provides adaptive, real time machine learning applications for high speed telecom networks, specializing in fraud detection, revenue assurance, ‘never pay’ prevention and Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions.

Argyle Data’s approach to network analytics incorporates significant developments in the field of machine learning to provide near-instant insights into high volume, high velocity network data. Their layered, adaptive technology uses both supervised and unsupervised machine learning in combination to deliver real-time, predictive analytics for all network types and configurations.

Argyle Data has built a team of world experts from the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data, and mobile communications to develop an adaptive, predictive approach to big data analytics. Under the leadership of Vikash Varma, CEO since 2015, Argyle Data has focused on providing telecoms companies with solutions for fraud detection, creditworthiness, subscriber validation and revenue assurance.

Unique Big Data Solutions

The possibilities of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are endless and undoubtedly has a potential of transforming processes in telecom industry, where issues of Big Data management create daily problems. Argyle Data recognized that the telecoms industry is at a transformative stage, where new systems – such as the company’s fraud detection technology – will be able to do things that human beings can’t do by using “reason” and “learning” to help sustain the growth in telecoms and keep pace with the market.

By using a modern Machine Learning/AI application, Argyle Data has been able to apply real time analytics to many areas of telecoms to improve revenues, decrease fraud, and enhance the subscriber experience. As a result, Argyle Data is now recognized as the leader in a new breed of native Hadoop applications for fraud and revenue threat analytics for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

Gaining Momentum in the Market with Innovative Solutions and Deep Expertise

Argyle Data has spent years building and deepening its expertise in machine learning/AI and telecoms. This has allowed the company to create real, workable applications that are ready to use in a telecoms network. Their approach is vastly superior to older, rules-based architectures that remain slower and less effective – more suitable for after-the-fact analysis than instant prevention. Although competitors are racing to imitate the machine learning approach initiated by Argyle Data, they are hampered both by the necessity to build on their legacy technologies and by the long lead time required to develop a viable machine learning application. Vikash and his team are confident that they will sustain their leading position in the market as any new solution must be exponentially better than existing systems in order to win a place among the operators’ fraud and revenue assurance weaponry.

Challenges of a Technology Provider

Vikash shares that their major challenges are very similar to those of all technology startups. In the telecoms industry, the scenarios are all large-scale and so they face the logistical difficulties of scaling the organization to address opportunities and compete on a global stage against major organizations. From the inception, the strategy of Argyle Data has been to work with an exceptional network of international technology and implementation partners worldwide. This approach has worked very successfully for them, and has been a fundamental part of bringing their technology to a broader audience.

Vikash Advises Aspiring Technologists

The following three mantras are inherited directly from Vikash, who is driving Argyle Data to become world’s finest Big Data solution provider –

First – there is no point in bringing to market a technology solution that’s only a little bit better than what already exists. It has to be exponentially better –  whether that means faster, more affordable, easier, more accurate, or all of these and more. Second – be focused. Be an expert in one area rather than claiming your technology can be all things to everyone. Third – learn fast from mistakes. We all make them.  The key is to use them to become better at what we do.

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