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Every business has their own unique set of challenges that needs the support to gets critical work done. For over 18 years, Beyond the Arc offers a unique mix of capabilities used to direct businesses towards success.

Located in the Bay Area, Beyond the Arc uses their in-house expertise from CX strategists, data scientists, specialists in marketing, social media, customer and corporate communications, and instructional designers and trainers to fuel clients’ objectives.

Beyond the Arc, Inventing New Approaches

Big Data is growing in popularity as more companies are realizing its potential and want to know how it can work for them. Big Data is also an enabling technology for other emerging trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Data can be a strategic asset for entire organizations.

Beyond the Arc helps their customers assess their business and technical requirements and then develop big data, machine learning, predictive analytics, business intelligence, and cognitive solutions. The company takes a pragmatic approach in identifying the unique needs of each client and then determining which algorithms and business processes are best to address. For instance, the company has developed solutions that measure customer satisfaction from unstructured social media data, has analyzed geolocation data to predict vehicle driving patterns, and assessed which borrowers are most likely to apply for a small business loan.

Steven J. Ramirez, CEO of Beyond the Arc, leads Beyond the Arc’s practice in data science and predictive analytics in the Bay Area. Under Steven’s leadership, Beyond the Arc was recognized by CIO Review as one of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers 2017.

Instrumenting Effective Customer Experience and Communication Strategies

Beyond the Arc uses effective customer experience and communication strategies to help their clients achieve success through key corporate initiatives and mergers and acquisitions. The agency’s work spans from strategic planning, customer optimization, internal communications, and social media strategy.

The company has a customer experience toolkit, which comprises of customer journey maps, personas, design thinking exercises, empathy maps, and more. Beyond the Arc also developed pioneering CX work for customer-centric culture transformation, including roadmaps, action plans, tools, and training

A Team that is Filled With Unique Capabilities

Beyond the Arc have a diverse team filled with unique capabilities and ideas who put a lot of passion into each project. This creativity and passion translates into everything that they do. As an agency with deep roots in Silicon Valley, Beyond the Arc has learned how to help companies use data to generate insights and iterate quickly.

Steven says, “Silicon Valley is an inspiring place, it is a global crossroads that attracts creative people with disruptive ideas. I am excited to work within this environment with a smart, dynamic, hard working team at Beyond the Arc that isn’t afraid to invent new approaches. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this organization, much less have the privilege to lead it?”

According to Steven, across industry verticals, the pace of innovation has sped up. Established leaders have to work hard to maintain their position, and challengers have to stay ahead of numerous “me too” competitors.

Steven  asserted, “One big way Beyond the Arc stands out from other agencies is that we make sure to leverage each team member’s different set of skills and encourage to think in different perspectives, helping us generate fresh, new ideas.”

Beyond the Arc thinks the big differentiator is based on making effective use of data. But data-driven insights need to be constantly refreshed, and can be improved on with more data and more sophisticated analytics. “This means the race to be the best never stops. For Beyond the Arc, the pressure is always on to keep abreast of new technologies, and continue to seek novel ways to solve difficult problems,” adds Steven.

He advises the younger generation, “The greatest asset you have is your ability to think critically and creatively. As you hone your technical skills, keep in mind the importance of being able to dissect a problem, develop a solution, engage with people to explain your ideas, and win support for your proposed approach.”

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